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Adelphi Care Services

Adelphi Care ServicesAdelphi Care Services Limited is based in Shropshire and came into existence following the successful establishment of The Orchard School in 1992; a residential school for students aged between 11- 19 years, who experienced severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviours.

With four residences in Shrewsbury and Wem, Adelphi Care Services now provides a range of high quality specialised services for adults with learning disabilities, particularly those with autism, who need specialist help and continued education.

Case Study:

Adelphi Care Services Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Adelphi Care Services

From left to right: Joe Kwaterski Business Development Director and Wendy France, Administrator, Adelphi Care Services;Claire Power-Browne and Richard Grant, Auditel

In these challenging economic times, the majority of organisations are affected directly or indirectly by rising prices and public and private sector cuts and none more so than those offering education and care services. The need to streamline expenditure and ensure that funds are used to invest in core services instead of being wasted on unnecessarily high operating costs is paramount.

Therefore, when Auditel’s cost, purchase and supplier management services were recommended to Adelphi Care Services they had no hesitation in inviting Auditel’s Claire Power-Browne to run the rule over their business expenditure to see whether they could do better with their business costs at any of their four residences, Merrington Grange in Shrewsbury and Highbury, Merrington & Roseville in Wem.

Auditel’s analysis of their expenditure focussed on telecoms, gas, electricity, photocopiers and janitorial costs.

Wendy France, Administrator at Adelphi Care noticed one immediate advantage. “I used to get several cold calls a day from a variety of suppliers offering their services. With Auditel on board I could just pass them on to Claire!”

“Auditel have been very helpful, very professional and very friendly. They explain everything very clearly and save us a lot of time by carrying out tasks that we used to have to do ourselves. The suppliers they have recommended for us are working well. They have become a trusted outsourced member of our management team.” – Wendy France, Administrator

In the meantime, as a result of their highly detailed analysis and tendering process, Auditel have brought in new suppliers where necessary and delivered impressive savings in all the areas under investigation: a massive 73% for fixed line telecoms at Merrington Grange, 35% on gas at Merrington Grange, Highbury, and Roseville and 32% on gas at Fernlea. Added to this are VAT repayments totalling over £6,000 and a 32% saving on both janitorial costs and photocopiers.

Wendy says,”Adelphi Care Services are delighted with the savings Auditel have made for us.”

Annual savings which will undoubtedly help a little towards funding their expansion plans for a new respite centre and other work in the pipeline.

Savings Breakdown:

Fixed Line Telecoms 73%
Electricity 35%
Gas 32%
Photocopier 34%
Janitorial 32%

VAT repayments
Electricity £5,007
Gas £1,422.65

Adelphi Care Services Download a PDF copy of the case study.