Auditel’s trial results in time and cost savings for 7 Harrington St Chambers

7 Harrington Street Chambers is one of the UK’s largest Chambers with 108 barristers and 11 QCs. They were recommended to Stephen Sowerby from Auditel by one of their accountants and they decided to meet to investigate the opportunity.

Stephen quickly set about investigating the contracts and current spend and returned within weeks to present his recommendations and findings. A saving of over 30% was found on the gas expenditure, and over 15% on electricity. As Pauline Haines of 7 Harrington Street explains, “Stephen’s work did not simply stop at the recommendation stage, he diligently implemented all of his recommendations with minimum involvement of Chambers staff and then monitors/proves the savings every month.”

Being an extremely busy Chambers, 7 Harrington Street Chambers accounts staff were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the service and decided to discuss other areas of investigation with Auditel. It was decided that telecoms and office supplies/stationery expenditure would be worthy of investigation.

“The recommendations report presented was of impressive detail and left no stone unturned”, explained Pauline Haines, “demonstrating a saving of over 51% on telecoms and 41% on office supplies/stationery.” With both of these areas being of critical importance to the smooth running of Chambers, 7 Harrington Street were impressed by the level of independence shown by Auditel, and the willingness to work with current suppliers to find the best, rather than simply the cheapest solution.

Although the savings found seven months on since the initial report are very significant and great to invest elsewhere in Chambers, the most important benefit to Chambers has been the time saving and peace of mind. As Pauline Haines summarises “Knowing that these essential areas of expenditure are being professionally monitored and maintained, with regular assistance and dialogue provided, frees accounts staff time to concentrate on the demands of running Chambers.”