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AuditelDavid Powell

Check Your Bills – You Never Know What You Might Find

By 29th February 2012April 17th, 2019No Comments

All of us are guilty of not checking our bills thoroughly, take telephone bills for example. Each month they send us pages of itemised phone calls. When was the last time you checked that the rate charged for each call was correct? I would guess never. However you may check occasionally once you’ve read the below story.

In December one of the UK’s major telecoms networks* (they’re the ones that provide the infrastructure that underpins the bills you’ll receive from your Telecoms Service Provider**) had an outage. The effect of this was that the Service Providers billing platform thought that there were some very long phone calls, for example one lasting up to 35 hours at a cost of £125. That was the worst one seen by an Auditel consultant, but there may be others that were higher.

The error above was quickly refunded by the Service Provider without quibble, due to the nature of the relationship we have with them, but if the bills hadn’t been thoroughly checked the error wouldn’t have been spotted at all.

If you had spotted the error yourself would the call centre operator at your Service Provider have a) understood the issue and b) refunded it on the spot?

Do you have time or the processes to check your bills every month, then to the time to sort out the issue via a call centre in the Philippines (or other part of the world where English isn’t their first language)? If your telephone bill is several thousand pounds per month would you notice if it was £125 higher than it should have been?

* = BT Openreach, C&W, Gamma for example

** = Daisy, BT Retail, Talk Talk, Alternative Networks for example