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28 Feb 2019

The toxic FOG choking London

Steven Godfrey In 2015 the term ‘fatberg’ was first included in the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as: ‘A very large mass of solid waste in a sewerage system, consisting especially of congealed fat and personal hygiene products that have been Read on →

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26 Mar 2018

World Water Day

Chris Barrett Last week we recognised World Water Day, and people around the planet turned their attention to this increasingly expensive commodity which is also an important environmental resource. However, businesses often overlook water as an important resource, and cost, Read on →

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18 Nov 2016

From April 2017 businesses can switch water supplier

Steven Godfrey What’s happening to my water supplier? From 1st April 2017 all non-domestic water supplies in England will be deregulated (Wales is deregulated only for large consumers and Scotland deregulated in 2008). Non-domestic customers will be able to choose Read on →

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29 Jul 2015

Big drops for water?

Steven Godfrey Scotland – a world first For obvious reasons, UK water companies have historically been regional monopolies. That began to change in 2008 when Scotland announced a world first in deregulating water and wastewater supplies for non-domestic customers. Scottish Read on →

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08 Jan 2015

Water, Don’t Waste a Drop

Do you know how much water your setting uses? If not, you could be leaking money, warns Stephen Gaubert… By controlling the amount of water you use, you can start saving money immediately – it’s that straightforward. Most businesses today Read on →

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13 Dec 2013

What is Wasting Water?

We’ve already noted the importance for cost management of knowing if you’re wasting water, but what does this actually mean? We can probably all conjour-up images of a dripping tap, or a ruptured pipe, but how else could your business Read on →

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27 Nov 2013

Read Your Water Meter Every 15 Minutes

In a previous post we’ve already looked at the steps required to take charge of your business water services costs, but we also emphasised the need to actively manage those costs from that point forward. According to the results of Read on →

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