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12 Feb 2019

Brexit and taking your phone abroad

Steven Godfrey On June 15th 2017 EU rules came into force which banned roaming fees across the EU. It gave mobile phone users the following protections: Users cannot be charged more for mobile services within the EU than in their Read on →

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03 Nov 2017

How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract

Paul Strachan How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract There are many outlays and overheads that a business pays, some of which are variable and expensive. Mobile phone contracts are notoriously difficult for a business to negotiate. What makes Read on →

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01 Jun 2017

Are All Your Office 365 Users Delighted?

Organisations are increasingly migrating to cloud-based applications. The growth in adoption of Office 365, for example, has been rapid with over 100 million active commercial customers world-wide since launch in 2011. However, its performance comes with a set of challenges. Read on →

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30 Jan 2017

What is VoIP and why should you care?

Steven Godfrey The current situation Domestic users rent analogue telephone lines. Business users rent digital telephone lines, called ISDN lines. Small installations use a variety called ‘ISDN 2’ and larger installations use ‘ISDN 30’. ISDN phone lines are usually connected Read on →

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