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02 Jan 2013

Blowing Hot and Cold

Steven Godfrey The UK is the windiest country in Europe and generates more power from offshore wind than the rest of Europe combined.  On December 13th 2012 the last of 175 turbines was installed at the largest offshore wind farm Read on →

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13 Nov 2012

Feed-In Tariffs

Steven Godfrey Feed-In Tariffs (“FiTs”) are the government’s second-tier mechanism to stimulate domestic/small commercial renewable electricity generation. Since its introduction on 1 April 2010, 285,000 installations have been registered of which 91% are Photovoltaic (“PV”) and overwhelmingly domestic (70%) – Read on →

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12 Nov 2012

Survive the Energy Surcharges……..

Steven Godfrey In 2007 the EU instigated legally binding targets to achieve an average 20% share of renewable energy and a 10% share of transport-related renewable energy by 2020. Formalised in the Renewables Directive published 23rd April, 2009, individual country Read on →

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