How to develop a Carbon Neutral Business –  Verifying Carbon Neutrality 

Hosted by BSi, FDF and Auditel

Decarbonisation is clearly critical to the survival of the planet. But it’s critical to the immediate survival of our businesses, too. 2050 targets might seem a long way away today. But as business leaders, we need to act now to retain the commercial viability of our organisations.

Your environmental credentials are increasingly one of the key things that customers use to determine who to buy from – whether they’re a customer purchasing your end product, or a procurement manager deciding on your future in their supply chain.

However, Carbon Neutrality does not need to cost the earth for your business. There is a lot of confusion about Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability – and we want to demystify this for you in this webinar.

You will gain insight into:

  • What are the benefits for your business, both environmentally & financially of becoming Carbon Neutral?
  • What can you do and when do you need to start?
  • How can it be funded?
  • Do you want to minimise the impact of your business on the environment but don’t know where to start?

This webinar is the perfect starting point.

  • Who should watch? Business leaders.
  • Why should you watch? Understand the impact on your business without a meaningful carbon reduction plan (CRP)
  • What will you learn? We will demystify and simplify decarbonisation and the benefits to your organisation.

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