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Business Energy – are you among the 24%?

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Paul Copsey

Many businesses complain that there is little or nothing that can be done to offset the rising cost of energy which appears to be a constant year on year battle as the big six energy companies embark on a seemingly continuous round of price hikes.

The year on year increases are often brought into painful focus as energy users face the annual renewal of the contract price for energy – assuming that the business has put their Utilities into contract with a supplier, which in a surprisingly high number of cases has not happened.

In a recent survey by the energy provider Eon, a startling 24% of Chief Executives of SME’s do not concern themselves either with the provision of business energy contracts or taking leadership in reducing the amount of energy used within the business. This apparent apathy is often seen in businesses which are non-manufacturing who see that the energy cost is an unavoidable tax on the business.

This is an attitude that can be changed by the simple expedient of looking to resource outside of your business, to provide a managed approach not only to the issues of purchasing energy but also in the ongoing issues of checking and managing bills on a regular  basis.

Cost management specialists Connect Consultancy Ltd, as part of the Auditel network, has, over the last 13 years developed a methodology that can help all businesses to not only bring the fundamental cost of procuring energy down by independent and competitive tendering on behalf of clients, but ensuring through diligent management that the month on month monitoring of bills and processing of renewals in a timely fashion provides for the supply of energy at an extremely competitive price.

Having brought the energy costs under constant review and management Connect Consultancy can then go further by completing energy efficiency audits to look at the way in which energy is being consumed, and then provide and implement a step by step guide to reduce the fundamental usage of energy to further reduce costs against an agreed benchmark.

Ryan Insurance Group first engaged Connect Consultancy in 2010 to analyse and manage the electricity and gas supplies across the group, with savings of up to 21% and 25% respectively, and valuable resource benefits as commented by Antony Powell, Ryan Group Finance Manager “We have found Paul Copsey at Connect Consultancy very easy to deal with. They were a local and recommended company who have filled a gap where we lacked the time and resource to monitor our energy expenditure. Through their analysis they identified such anomalies as a faulty meter at one of our branch offices and have taken away the hassle of dealing direct with the energy suppliers”