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British Gas announce an end to rollover contracts

By 19th September 2013February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Nigel Collins

Following the July announcement by British Gas to end rollover contracts, there will no doubt be sighs of relief from procurement managers, FDs or business owners previously trying to avoid missing the 90/120 day window in which termination had to be given. This of course applied to SME contracts and not Corporate contracts which have a different set of terms and conditions; curious then that the tweet came from the Corporate division.

As always, there are caveats within the terms and conditions which buyers will need to be aware of. Although contracts no longer rollover, we don’t yet know how much higher the variable rates will be than the contract rates so it is still important to manage the process. Notice to leave British Gas is still a requirement and if the account is not paid up to date or notice has not been logged, this could result in an objection to the supply leaving being raised.

Whilst this may be a welcome change, I don’t see it reducing our workload!

One last word of caution; contracts ending before 1st September 2014 can still rollover.