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Blow wind, blow over Blighty and its modern windmills!

By 8th April 2011February 15th, 2022No Comments



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Michael Jones

According to Renewable UK, latest statistics reveal that in 2010, the contribution of wind to the UK’s electricity supply was almost 3 times that of hydro, totaling over 10 terawatt hours. This is sufficient electricity for well over 2 million homes.

As for Quarter 4 2010, all indicators point to the fact that wind delivered a record contribution of electricity to the grid, both 20% higher than Q3 2010 and 24% higher than the comparable Quarter of 2009. So much for those who say that wind energy production falls off in the winter months!

Today, in and around the UK, there are almost 3200 turbines in operation across 290 projects. Apart from the energy produced, our atmosphere benefits too. Annual noxious gas reductions amount to 6MT of carbon dioxide, 137kT of sulphur oxides and 41kT of nitrogen oxides.

As this blog is posted, no wind towers were damaged during the recent Japanese earthquakes and tsunami. They are still contributing to Japan’s energy supply at a time when nuclear plants have suffered the reverse of which we are all too aware.

So if our own debate about the nuclear future runs into the proverbial brick wall, let us at least make sure that all is put in place to bring wind energy into the mainstream of our energy policy.

After all, many centuries ago our countryside was peppered with windmills and, since then, we have learned to conquer the near sea shelf with this technology!