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Blakedown is delighted to announce that they have started their carbon journey with their new carbon partner, Auditel, with the strategic objective of reaching net zero.

Blakedown is an award-winning landscaping, civil engineering and sports facility construction specialist, delivering outstanding, high-quality projects throughout the UK.  With a strong commitment to sustainability, Blakedown consistently delivers exceptional results across multiple sectors including local authorities, royal parks, commercial developers, schools, universities and luxury developers. Specialist services include landscape construction, environmental improvements, playground construction, grounds maintenance, and the construction, planning, consultancy, design and build and maintenance of all variations of sports facilities.

When questioned about the drivers behind the recent carbon neutral partnership, Steve Buckingham, Managing Director of Blakedown said, “Climate change is happening. It is the defining environmental issue of our time, causing an unprecedented loss of biodiversity, destroying ecosystems, and threatening human existence.

Addressing it is a collective responsibility and we all have a part to play. As a leader in the landscaping and sports pitch construction industries, Blakedown understands the importance of taking responsibility and making a positive impact. Our vision is to integrate sustainable practices, materials and technologies into our projects, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, regenerative, and contribute to the wellbeing of communities. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and working towards achieving verified carbon neutral status and ultimately net zero emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Working with Auditel is crucial to our vision. Auditel specialises in helping businesses become carbon neutral by providing comprehensive solutions to optimise energy efficiency and enhance overall sustainability. By partnering with Auditel, we can ensure that our sports facilities and landscaping solutions are delivered in a sustainable manner aligning with our commitment to a sustainable future for our industry and the communities we serve. Their expertise will greatly contribute to our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and achieving our sustainability and environmental goals.

More and more we are collaborating with our clients and other stakeholders on environmental issues and sustainable practices.  Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, which sits at the heart of all our decision making. This is important not only for our own reputation, but also for our stakeholders’ expectations and attracting and retaining environmentally conscious employees who want to work for a business that values sustainability.”

Decarbonisation Projects

Blakedown has made a number of operational changes to offset and reduce carbon emissions which they will continue to adopt and improve upon.  These include the phased replacement of petrol hand tools with battery powered equipment; the use of trackers to manage fleet carbon emissions and the introduction of hybrid vehicles; the prioritisation of water and recycling efficiency; and the minimisation of waste.