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Birkett Long are delighted to announce that they have started their carbon journey with the strategic objective of achieving Net Zero with their new Carbon Partner Auditel.

Birkett Long is here for good. It’s not just about knowing the law. It’s also about the impact we have on businesses and our communities. Birkett Long has offices in Basildon, Chelmsford, Colchester, London and Europe.

It provides a wide range of legal and independent financial services for businesses, including corporate and commercial advice; regulatory law; dispute resolution; education; insolvency; intellectual property and employment and for individuals: wills and conveyancing, family law, independent financial advice and dispute resolution. Birkett Long is committed to reducing its environmental impact, and we have embraced a steadfast commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

We champion mindfulness around sustainability, ensuring that each office operates a robust recycling program. Strategically placed recycling bins on every floor and communal areas facilitate
responsible waste disposal. Educational posters guide our staff on the importance of recycling, fostering a collective understanding of our environmental impact.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends to reducing paper usage. By embracing a ‘paperlite’ approach, we aim to significantly minimise our reliance on traditional paper processes, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Energy Conservation
Birkett Long actively encourages energy conservation among its staff. Sensored lights and a policy of turning off lights in unoccupied meeting rooms are just a few of the measures we employ to minimise energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

Equipping Our Team for Sustainability
We believe in empowering our team members to make sustainable choices. From day one of employment, each staff member receives a reusable coffee cup and metal water bottle, discouraging the use of disposable drink containers and promoting a culture of responsible consumption.

Alternative Transportation & Remote Working
To further reduce our carbon footprint, we actively support alternative modes of transportation for our team members. Additionally, we endorse remote working, providing flexibility that allows our staff to contribute to a greener environment by reducing commuting.

Net Zero
Central to our sustainability efforts is the ‘NetZero’ team, a dynamic group of representatives from all areas of our firm. This team spearheads initiatives to cultivate a green culture within our workplace, striving towards our ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe in working sustainably, efficiently, and without waste, with a vision of leaving a world that the next generation can cherish.

Collaboration for a Greener Tomorrow
The NetZero team actively engages with our staff, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas for enhancing our environmental consciousness are welcomed and celebrated. By tapping into the collective wisdom of our diverse team, we aim to evolve our sustainability practices continually.

Martin Hopkins, Managing Partner at Birkett Long, comments, “Birkett Long’s commitment is to care for our clients, for each other and for our communities and to provide excellent service for all, by all, all of the time.

We are committed to reducing our impact on our environment, improving our contribution to our communities, improving our governance, and demonstrating our commitment to our people and our customers. Birkett Long has partnered with Auditel because they offer a comprehensive, strategic, and cost-effective approach to becoming Verified Carbon Neutral. This collaboration accelerates the journey towards achieving net zero and aligns with Birkett Long’s core values and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Decarbonisation projects

The roof of our Colchester office is covered in solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, ensuring a significant proportion of electricity needs are met during the warmer months. These panels produce renewable energy from a specialised renewable energy reseller. Energy efficiency is prioritised within the offices by using the most energy-efficient appliances and employing ultra-low-energy, sensor-controlled LED lighting.

Birkett Long recognises the critical importance of reducing its carbon footprint,  and to drive this initiative, an internal team called the NetZero team was formed. This action group consists of seven team members passionate about driving change to benefit the planet and future generations. Its mission statement is: Actively seeking and supporting ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the firm and its staff.

We have just started our journey with Auditel, the most important part being the reporting from January 2024 to December 2025. Once this is completed, it will give Birkett Long direction on where we are now, what we need to do to improve certain aspects that produce high carbon and set a target for Birkett Long to reach and for all of Birkett Long to have an involvement in making that change.”