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Big 6 Energy firms benefit from a lack of competition

By 15th July 2015April 4th, 2019No Comments

Power-linesEnergy companies are making in the region of £500million in excess profits from small businesses in the UK because of a lack of competition. This is the finding of a provisional report into the energy market compiled by the Competition & Markets Authority.

The rapid increase in domestic energy prices in recent years and the perception that profits and overall prices are too high have been a major source of public concern and were key drivers for the market investigation reference.

After a sustained period of real terms reductions in the years following privatisation, domestic gas and electricity prices have increased significantly over the last ten years.

The CMA calculate that, over the period Quarter 1 2012 to Quarter 2 2014, most customers of the Six Large Energy Firms could have made considerable savings from switching a combination of suppliers, tariffs and payment methods. For all the dual customers of the Six Large Energy Firms, average potential gains from switching externally to any tariff offered were equivalent to 14% of the average bill (equivalent to about £160 a year) over the period.

The gains available to specific customers depend considerably on the tariff and payment method that customers are currently on and the supplier they are currently with: for some categories of customer, the average gains from switching were equivalent to more than 20% of the bill over the period.

The cost of energy affects every organisation. Management and procurement of this essential business cost can be a minefield for those without access to the right skills, knowledge and processes needed to avoid a potential host of sector related pitfalls.

As recognised market leaders in cost management, our holistic approach to energy management provides organisations with a complete solution to their energy needs. From procurement of services and management of consumption through to strategic planning and the implementation of complex energy management programmes.

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