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The benefits of Fleet Outsourcing

By 15th August 2017February 15th, 2022No Comments


Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

Reduction in costs via outsourcing is a tempting option for many, but what many business owners don’t realise is that the savings aren’t just limited to the short term. With thorough analysis of your business needs both now and into the future completed before you sign any fleet management contract, you could reap the short, medium and long term benefits of outsourcing your commercial vehicle requirements.

Some of the benefits which you can expect are as follows:

  • Measurable efficiencies such as enhanced cash flow, fleet safety guaranteed and fleet availability and reliability – therefore improving your productivity.
  • With administrative control maintained with your chosen company, you are free to focus on your core business.
  • Reduction in operating costs provides you with the advantage in achieving fleet maintenance economies of scale.
  • Reduction in head count as outsourcing is a common method for managing HR costs.
  • There is no need to invest in capital assets which are not part of your core business. This additionally eliminates the need for “spare vehicles”, which can be a huge drain on your budget.
  • Outsourcing ensures that operating costs are significantly reduced which enhances your cash flow. All parts, inventory and other costs are incurred by your chosen company and only incurred by you at the point at which you use the service.
  • You have total control, are able to manage your outsourcing and ensure it runs the way you want it to run.

With all these benefits considered, and no ‘one size fits all’ approach, it’s no wonder more and more businesses choose to take fleet management outside of their business and opt for specialist management of their unique fleet requirements.

If you feel that your business would benefit in the first instance with a free consultation – then please contact me to explore what opportunities there may be.
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