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Backdated utility bills drive small UK firms up the wall

By 13th June 2011July 26th, 2022No Comments


How would you feel if you received an energy bill dating back six years because your provider claimed it had undercharged you? That’s the predicament facing thousands of small businesses, according to a campaigning organisation.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), which represents more than 33,500 local shops across the UK, wants energy regulator Ofgem to end a rule that allows energy companies to treat their business customers in this manner. At present, providers can only serve backdated bills for one year’s energy usage to domestic customers.

Consumer Focus says its helpline received nearly 2,000 calls last year from small businesses complaining they received unexpectedly large bills of this type. What is more, once firms have received an outstanding bill energy providers can demand immediate payment, plunging many companies into difficulty.

— Guardian News & Media Ltd

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Until Ofgem decide to make changes to this ruling many customers will continue to recieve these surprise backdated bills and demands for instant payment.

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