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Auditel – helping UK business to weather the recession

By 20th April 2009No Comments

With the UK economy in seemingly terminal decline and the media fixated on doom and gloom, how nice to read about about a business that’s bucking the trend and positively thriving in 2009. What’s more, it’s a business that’s making a positive contribution to the economy, creating new businesses and providing a valuable service that will help many others weather the current storm.

No surprises for guessing, of course, that the business in question is Auditel. As the UK’s leading cost and purchase management company we’ve seen demand for both new franchises and our end-user services increase dramatically in 2009. As Auditel’s Managing Director, Chris Allison, explains there are very good reasons for this.

“Despite, or perhaps because of, the current economic climate our cost and purchase management services are in great demand. With sales revenue falling organisations are under increasing pressure to make savings wherever they can, which often means taking a fresh look at their expenditures. When times are good it’s easy to let unnecessary costs rise but this isn’t a sustainable approach and there’s a real sense of urgency in many companies to get back to the basics of good business management. This doesn’t just mean cutting costs though, it means taking a long-term approach to good purchasing practices and ongoing management and most companies simply don’t have the in-house resources to do this in an ever-changing and complex marketplace. As a result they’re turning to outsourced specialists like Auditel and our consultants are busier than ever.”