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In 1994, Auditel launched as a utility bill auditor, providing a simple cost reduction service for the telecommunications and energy sectors. A quarter of a century on, with a vast network of consultants nationwide, Auditel is celebrating being at the forefront of procurement innovation for its wide range of clients.

Far from its origins, Auditel is now a diverse management consultancy that advises its clients on how to manage all aspects of indirect business costs. Managed and monitored by Auditel’s network of over 100 specialists, clients can expect an increasingly lean cost base, thanks to the technologies tested, reviewed and adopted on their behalf.

“We’re very proud of the progress Auditel has made so far, but our eyes are firmly set on the future. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is at the forefront of our minds, with emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt businesses across all industries — such as AI and robotics — becoming tomorrow’s reality.”

In much the same way that consumers now shop online for many of the things they would have previously visited the high street for, or now use comparison sites for domestic energy supply switching, Auditel have been able to leverage technological innovations across industries to inform, and broaden, the range of cost categories for which they procure and advise.

“When faced with the digital revolution, we lead from the front. Whilst procurement and cost-saving is still part of our service, we’ve redefined our relationship with our customers, suppliers, and affiliates, to ensure we’re not only ahead of the game, but are helping to write the rules too. Auditel understands that future requirements — technology, sustainability and longevity — are intrinsically linked. For our consultants, this means identifying which suppliers are offering greatly enhanced digital platforms as solutions, so our clients can make a step-change in their business.”

By investing considerable time and effort in nurturing these relationships, clients always receive excellent value and service — something that would be difficult to replicate in even the largest of organisations.

“Change is the lifeblood of our business and Auditel is set to continue its upward trend, helping our clients to sustain growth and improve productivity. I’m thrilled to be celebrating this momentous milestone with the team.”

This is an article from: Insight & Innovation: Issue 3 – click here to read the whole newsletter.