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John Roper, Managing Director of Ashtree Vision & Safety, continues to ensure Ashtree is an environmentally conscious business.

John says, “Many years ago, somebody from the local Business Link commented that they wished they could bring people round our factory to show how we recycled as much as we could and how little went to landfill. Therefore, it was a natural progression for us to become ISO 14001 approved with the major hurdle in our way being that we had no formal system in place even though we already did many of the things required, albeit in an ad-hoc manner.

The start of our journey towards carbon neutrality began indirectly in 2020 when we had a 100-kWh solar PV system installed on the roof of our manufacturing facility. This led us to look into PAS2060 and how to go about achieving the status of a carbon-neutral business. When we decided that PAS2060 was the way to go, we contacted several different organisations who would have been able to work with us towards our goal and, out of them all, Auditel were the ones who stood out. As it turns out, we had made the right choice, as through the work of Auditel consultant Huw Williams we were successfully accredited PAS2060 carbon neutral in 2022.

However, we knew our carbon reduction journey was not over and since then we have made several changes to reduce our emissions, including removing all gas heating and replacing with infra-red heaters in the manufacturing areas. Additionally, we have zero emissions from our electricity supply where we have changed to a fully renewable contract, we are continuing to make changes to our packaging to reduce plastic use, and we are looking into installing solar storage batteries to reduce our grid-dependency further. When we decided to go for PAS2060 carbon neutrality accreditation again, it was a no-brainer that we would be choosing Auditel to continue as our carbon partner.

We are now grateful to be able to say we have successfully received verified PAS2060 carbon neutrality for a second consecutive year. Carbon Accountant at Auditel, Sam Williams continues “Working with John and his team at Ashtree has been extremely enjoyable. The changes made in their internal data collection in the previous year has meant the process was streamlined and straightforward, and you can see the real changes made in their business when visiting their facilities. It has been a pleasure to be able to help Ashtree in becoming carbon neutral for the second year running, and we hope to be working with John and his team for many more years to come.”

“Ashtree has always been environmentally conscious as a business, and to maintain our carbon-neutral status by becoming PAS2060 verified for the second year running makes us all very proud”.

John Roper, Managing Director Ashtree Vision & Safety