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When it comes to internal and external communication, businesses have a variety of options available to them. Business phones are still, however, the most used method of communication. They are, after all, reliable and easy to use. For many businesses, however, it is worth looking at getting a VOIP system for your business as bad sound quality or issues with connectivity can have repercussions for your business. Before you choose your new system, there are some questions you might like to ask the provider.

Is hosted VOIP an option?

If you are a small business, then hosted VOIP, which requires a lot less money upfront, is ideal. You also do not require the extra support staff, equipment or even more floor space. With hosted VOIP the provider is responsible for the maintenance and any software updates. Essentially this type of service allows you to focus on your core operations and use the expertise of the provider to give you a better quality service.

Is there an Uptime guarantee?

It is vital that businesses make sure their channels of communication are always open, so the uptime of your office phone system is very important. Knowing whether your VOIP provider has a guarantee for their uptime and whether they evaluate their uptime record. If they have a guaranteed uptime percentage that does not match their uptime record statistics, then you might want to check out other providers.

How much bandwidth?

Maintaining a high-quality VOIP service requires a good bandwidth so it is important to check what your provider’s requirements are if you wish to maintain good communications for your business.

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Article by: Paul Strachan