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Another form of Green Energy – Volcanic Heat

By 12th November 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



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Adrian Burton

As more and more work is being done to make green energy the only viable alternative for the future, we were interested to see this report as appeared in the Daily Telegraph today.

Experts are looking at the possibility of using Volcanic heat from Iceland’s volcanoes as a viable option to heat British homes within a decade. Having recently visited Iceland this is not that far fetched as this is how the island generates most of its power.

The man leading this project is Hörður Arnarson, he is the head of Iceland’s state-owned power producer Landsvirkjun. He believes that the geothermal energy produced by Icelandic volcanoes could be piped to Britain through the world’s largest seabed power cable, measuring around 620 miles . Whilst it would be challenging, he considers it to be do-able; with all Iceland’s energy being renewable, and them producing five more times the energy required per capita.

This form of energy would be not only renewable but would be no more expensive than the next generation of nuclear power, and would serve to keep Britain’s consumer energy costs low, by providing an alternative to wind farms.

The British Government has already held talks on the matter and signed a memorandum of understanding with Iceland, stating interest in the scheme.