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Before becoming an Auditel Consultant Andy Horn worked in projects and procurement for a large Insurance Company and multi national investment bank managing a team and numerous complex projects.

This has given him a broad range of project management / procurement and complex technical experience which enables him to analyse and implement effective solutions which fit your business.

The range of companies that Andy has worked with since becoming an Auditel affiliate is large and diverse, ranging from multi-national FTSE 100 companies to local SME entities.

I work with CEO’s, Finance and Procurement teams who want:

  • Certainty that procurement decisions will deliver best value over the long term
  • Peace of mind that all overheads are under control, at no extra cost to them
  • Budget certainty and the ability to forecast business overheads
  • Extra procurement resource without extra outlay
  • Market knowledge of the best suppliers for their organisation
  • A fully comprehensive monthly service- in depth audit, implementation, invoice checking, trouble shooting, dealing with suppliers on their behalf, project management, market analysis.

I also run teams of highly competent experts and we help you and your organisation become even more successful by:

  • Providing a Strategic Cost Review at no charge
  • Providing professional procurement and processes
  • Ensuring you benefit from in -depth expertise of all overhead markets
  • Improving your purchasing power significantly
  • Ensuring free cost benchmarking to ensure you always get the best value
  • Offering to fund our fees from actual savings achieved- no risk to you

I am totally customer driven and will always go the extra mile on every project. My greatest satisfaction is seeing how I can help make a business leaner and release money for re-investment in growth and profits, and to ask clients what they have done with the funds released back to them.

cash management is high on every directors’s list of priorities, freeing up cash in a business that is currently being wasted can mean the difference between success and failure as the economy starts to prepare itself for the next phase of this crisis and the will to thrive becomes prevalent.

If you would like to ensure your business is in the best health possible to take advantage of future opportunities please contact me using the details on the right.

01202 233080
07584 231094

Large Energy User Rebates

I have been completing work for Data Centre Groups to retrieve incorrect costs charged by electric companies for their use of electric.

All Data Centre groups review their own electric invoices and have their own brokerage / specialist energy companies that check these invoices.  Without fail this process is not capturing all the errors the energy companies make.  The errors I find vary from small to very large (hundreds of thousands of pounds). I have developed systems and processes to find these very well hidden errors which look back up to six years.

Every Data Centre Group I have worked with, I have successfully found and retrieved errors.  I only charge for a percentage of the money I retrieve, there is no up-front cost or charge if no errors are found.

Victoria Nursing Group

I am proud to have established strategic alliances with a number of professional services and consultancy firms throughout the UK whose aims and objectives are the same as mine.

These strategic alliances allow them to offer the Auditel service to their clients as part of their own service range and I work closely with my strategic partners in marketing this service to their clients.

These initiatives have brought significant benefit to the alliance partners, including:

  • Supporting client retention and vastly reducing (and sometimes eradicating) the overall fee impact for the services that they offer to their customers
  • Being able to offer a strategic procurement service that has zero head-count or overhead costs as I do not charge any fees to our partners for underwriting the service
  • Acting as a specialist differentiator against competitor companies within their industries
  • Aiding and supporting marketing plans as I will work closely with my partners and have often accompanied my partners to help them win new business
  • I am proud of the partnerships and trusting relationships that I have with these respected businesses.

If your business would like to reap the benefits of partnering with Auditel then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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