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An energy policy that works

By 25th September 2013February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Ian Hopping

In his  party conference speech yesterday afternoon, Ed Milliband pledged that if elected Labour will freeze energy prices for domestic and business users until 2017 . Labour also pledged to split up the big six vertically integrated energy companies into retail and generating arms. As you can imagine, this has led to a furore in the media, with everyone related to the energy markets and other vested interests having their say.

There have been various suggestions – the proposals are unworkable, they’d lead to unsustainable loss-making retail businesses, a lack of investment in the energy infra-structure, blackouts, price rises before the freeze, price rises after the freeze, put 600 000 jobs at risk, halt investment in greener energy sources and many other assorted predictions of gloom and doom.  Whether Labour can win the next election and carry out this pledge is another question altogether, but this is all set against the backdrop of  the UK being six hours away from running out of gas during the cold weather last March, talks between Centrica and the current government over gas storage facilities breaking down and EDF still uncertain as to whether to go ahead with building a £14bn nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

Unfortunately Auditel don’t possess a crystal ball that allows us to see the future of the energy markets. However what we do have is a network of  consultants, who share and maintain their industry knowledge, are independent from all suppliers, deal with those suppliers on your behalf, audit historic invoices for errors and claim back overcharges,  check meter profiles ,manage contracts, tender to ALL suppliers not just the Big Six, advise on and implement energy efficiency measures, reduce your management time, validate invoices (EVERY invoice),  all of which means we save our clients both time and money.

Best of all, our contingency fee structure means that there are no upfront charges, as we share in your savings, only after they have been realised. In short, Auditel offer our clients an energy policy that has been shown to work time and time again over the last 19 years.