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An easier way to accelerate business growth

By 11th January 2016No Comments

Management consultants will tell you that there are five recognised ways to accelerate business growth:

  • Increase your capacity
  • Attract more customers
  • Upgrade your current customer
  • Improve work-life balance for your staff
  • Add more options (or streams of revenue)

Without doubt, all of these will take time for your staff. It may be easier said than done! However, there is a sixth way… Obtain greater control of your expenses…

Auditel is the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of strategic cost management. For the last two decades, their team of over 180 highly-skilled professionals have built a reputation as trusted advisors to medium and large organisations.

Chris Allison, Auditel’s Managing Director says: “Many companies still choose to divert in-house resources from their strategic roles to carry out time-consuming cost management exercises. These may do little more than scratch the surface of what is achievable. By outsourcing your organisation’s cost management to Auditel, your management team will regain the time and peace of mind to use their talents and excel in their specific areas.

Auditel began to lay the foundations of Strategic Cost Management in 2012. Extensive independent research was undertaken and together with leading business publication Management Today a survey was conducted. The results underlined the fact that there is a genuine lack of understanding in the business world between simple cost cutting exercises and strategic cost management.

The survey showed that cost reduction is just part of the process. You need a strategy in place to make sure that those costs are monitored on a regular basis. You need the right people, tools, knowledge and processes.

In addition to these features, Auditel provide independence, aggregated buying power and experience of the supplier market. This means that the Auditel service, far from becoming yet another cost can pay for itself, over and over again, by delivering highly effective and sustainable cost management solutions for the long term.

Chris Allison adds: “Here is an example of one of our 3,000+ completed projects.”

NSK Dental Equipment Manufacturers

NSKsmThe UK sales, distribution and service office of this Japanese manufacturer is the leader in the UK and was established in 2007. They have over a third of the market in high-quality dental turbines, handpieces and small dental equipment.

Auditel were confident that that they could deliver their strategic cost management model, reduce the time staff spent with suppliers and offer guidance on sustainability issues. NSK were keen to find ways of reducing waste and taking the operational workload off their own staff. This would allow them to concentrate on their core roles and be more customer focused.

Following a successful outcome on electricity, other areas of expenditure soon followed. These included Couriers, Vehicle Fleet Management, Direct Debit Facility, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Compliance, Document Shredding and latterly, Insurance.

NSK’s Managing Director Alex Breitenbach confirms: “We have been very pleased with the service that Auditel has delivered to date and we are looking forward to developing this good relationship. It is reassuring to know that our costs are being monitored and reviewed constantly, without having to divert resources away from the core business, or incurring extra costs by increasing headcount.”

Chris Allison adds: “As with most companies, there is a constant barrage of sales calls offering a wide range of products and services. With Auditel on board, the NSK staff no longer have to spend their time dealing with the calls. They are able to respond to callers by passing them on to us.

“Strategic cost management will be the challenge for many industry sectors in the next five to ten years. Revenues will be tougher to earn, margins will be contested by hungry competitors. Organisations that excel in managing their cost base will be best placed to accelerate their performance.

“If you would like to enjoy the tangible benefits and peace of mind that Auditel delivered to NSK, why not contact us today to book your Strategic Cost Review”?