Introducing new Clients’ to the complete Cost Saving portfolio of Auditel’s extensive and experienced network is a passion of mine.

It’s a trusted partnership to help optimise your procurement operations and efficiently manage your indirect cost base. This allows you more time to focus on the long-term financial health of the business, critical in these current challenging times.

Auditel’s service goes far beyond the identification, negotiation and recommendation of cost savings. We implement changes, validate invoices, negotiate with suppliers, dispense pragmatic advice and constantly research the market to ensure that no opportunities are missed. We do the hard work and you reap the benefits.


As a recent business owner myself, I know full well the challenges of time constraints and lack of expert knowledge when it came to what I had to procure and how I could optimise my operational costs. All the hard work in bringing revenue in was soon easily lost by weighty and unnecessary expenditures.

Before running my own business and joining Auditel, I had over 16 years of commercial experience delivering technical solutions for all types of organisations, from small family run operations to multi-national blue-chip names. As part of this period, I worked closely for over 8 years with manufacturing companies helping them to re-appraise their design operations and cost bases resulting in much improved productivity and profitability.

Previous to that I trained in Estate Management and as a Building Surveyor, I was involved in improvement projects for the tied estate of a brewery.

I look forward to sharing my passion and in helping organisations reduce the burdens of their cost base through informed procurement decisions.

To find out how Auditel can help your business and for a no-obligation, no-cost diagnostic Health Check, please get in touch via the links on this page.

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Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor

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