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Has it taken a global emergency to make us re-think our way of working?

Home working has suddenly been imposed on many organisations by the onset of COVID-19.

There are some technical challenges which Auditel can easily help overcome but what if the benefits from more flexible working and lower overhead costs were to become the new normal?

Benefits of remote working

In some sectors, such as hospitality and retail, apart from administrative operations, home working is an impossibility but in many office based operations, remote working is not only viable but can provide significant benefits including:

  • more flexible working and lower stress levels with commuting dead time eliminated, improving employee retention and team working
  • reduced overhead costs as city centre office space requirements are drastically reduced or eliminated

What support do you require NOW?

Auditel has access to trusted suppliers who can help you set up remote working in as little as 48 hours using cloud based telecommunications and free video or audio conferencing.

VPN secure access can be quickly set up to enable employees to access business applications and files.

Not all employees may have access to a good broadband connection and be in possession of a company mobile phone or laptop. Remote desktop whereby a virtual version of their office desktop can be accessed from their home PC may be a
good option.

Adapting to remote working

It’s important that employee morale is maintained by avoiding isolation, keeping communication high.

Treating home like the office, instigate daily team briefings, use video, voice or chat in preference to email and promote using voice or video conferencing.

Is your business future fit for purpose?

Having implemented an interim solution, think about the future. Allow Auditel to:

  • review all of your business processes to further increase business efficiency, scalability and agility with the right technology in place
  • undertake a full scope procurement review to optimise your cost base and cut out waste
  • help you eliminate paper based processes to enable operation from any remote location