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A typical Auditel engagement

Auditel Engagement

Unlike many consultancies, we don’t just make recommendations. We also help you deliver the results, side by side, enabling you to move your business forward efficiently and effectively.

Advice and strategic

Making a decision can be difficult when every supplier tells you their system is best. Auditel are independent of any solution and by understanding your business we can help you decide what the best result is for you.

Example projects:
Communications solutions that have increased the number of incoming call responses by 30%, helping with CSR policy around environmental impact.

Typical payment method:
Fixed fee

Outsourced management and MI

The time taken to manage suppliers, resolve issues and implement and monitor change can take you away from the day to day of running and improving your business. Auditel’s experience in managing supplier relationships can free up your time to concentrate on the areas that matter most to your business.

Example projects:
Providing briefings on the energy market to help clients budget and lock in prices for future years, helping to prepare new premises in growing retail and restaurant clients.

Typical payment method:

Cost and profit improvement

Using our analytical tools and Total Cost of Purchase® model we can identify areas of improvement within your supplier relationships. This could be tweaking existing arrangements you have, or introducing a new trusted supplier with whom we have a long term relationship built on the results achieved for our clients over many years.

Example projects:
Reviewing energy will typically bring around 10-15% benefit while communications and business supplies around a 20-30% benefit.

Typical payment method:
Share of savings