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Auditel is excited to be partnering with AB Dynamics to deliver their objective of becoming Carbon Neutral while on their longer-term journey to reaching Net Zero.

AB Dynamics launches Carbon Neutral Working Group 

Headed by CEO Dr James Routh and assisted by Tony Cotton, Group Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager, the working group will drive a comprehensive program to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the organisation within the next decade.

Tony Cotton said:  “We are excited to announce the formation of the Carbon Neutral Working Group. This step underlines our dedication to addressing climate change and moving towards a sustainable future.

While management is committed to carbon neutrality, we need the support of all our staff to help achieve it and this initiative presents an opportunity for people throughout the business to be involved.”

The working group will be comprised of representatives from all subsidiaries and will appoint environmental champions to promote awareness and best practices. It will also develop and measure a baseline of the Group’s carbon performance to enable progress to be evaluated as it reduces its emissions.

Finally, the working group will partner with Auditel, a renowned carbon solutions company, to receive expert guidance and work towards achieving PAS 2060 verification, a prestigious standard for confirming carbon neutrality.

The focus of AB Dynamics’ ongoing emissions reduction efforts includes energy consumption, the use of renewable energy, water resources and the reduction and management of waste. The Group’s commitment to transparency includes the regular public disclosure of emissions.

The formation of the working group follows on from the organisation achieving an MSCI AA rating in 2022, as well as ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System for its UK and German operations.