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4G – a blessing or a curse?

By 13th October 2015No Comments

We have seen several clients change to 4G on EE recently. This improves data speed dramatically and offers amazing speed and efficiency. Because of this, if you are upgrading to 4G from a set amount of data on another 3G network, you can find yourself using your data allowance (and some!) very quickly. In fact, 4G can be so fast, you could very easily fail to notice you are not on a WiFi Service. This can see your first bill being very high due to excess bundle charges.

As well as potentially unexpected data charges, the increased data speed can compromise your phone signal – which is definitely an unwelcome disadvantage.

One way we have found to mitigate both these issues is to only use 4G only if and when you need it. This has two benefits:

  1. It means you manage your use of 4G, making sure your phone only uses it when necessary
  2. It optimises your phone signal.

If you would like to change your data rate all you need to do is go into your phone settings then go to Networks (on my Samsung phone it is actually “More Networks”) and then Mobile Networks. From there you can simply select your Network Mode. They may be worded differently but in basic terms the options are 4G, 3G, 2G and voice only.

There is no doubt that 4G can be a major blessing when you need the data speed, but a curse if you are unaware of the compromises. For more details about recent developments in mobile services, or bringing in an external consultant to advise on how you could improve your existing cost management activities, contact us.