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Auditel helps young entrepreneurs hone their skills

By 10th November 2009No Comments

Students across North Lincolnshire will obtain the experience of running a business as part of a Young Enterprise scheme. The programme allows youngsters to set up their own real companies for a year and market a product, under the watchful eye of industry experts.

Auditel Cost Management Specialist Carl Windsor has been selected as one of the advisers. He said:Young Enterprise is a fantastic organisation, offering a variety of key skills to teach young people about business. The aim is to expose the students to some of the realities of commerce and business life. We recognise that we want to give something back from all the experience we have gained in our careers. Part of the process is to give them a bigger opportunity than we were privy to. How differently would we have developed when we were youngsters, if we had received this kind of help?”

Carl’s students will be very fortunate to share his extensive commercial experience in electronics, freight, logistics and supply chains, warehousing and distribution, the automotive sector and quarrying and constriction. And, as Carl says: “Perhaps one day I might meet one of them as a fellow-Auditel cost management franchisee!”