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Auditel: 20 years of strategic cost management

By 10th August 2014No Comments

20-Years-of-Auditel-blockAuditel the UK and Ireland’s leader in strategic cost management celebrates its twentieth birthday.

Auditel started life in 1994, helping organisations navigate through a minefield of utilities’ tariffs and service offerings in the wake of deregulation.

At that time there were lots of cost-cutting companies offering short-term gains, but Auditel saw the opportunity to develop cost management services that would last, by developing a process that was flexible enough to match each organisation’s individual needs. Auditel call this its Total Cost of Purchase™ model.

This pioneering approach quickly became synonymous with sustainable cost management solutions and gradually Auditel widened its range of expertise from utilities and telecoms to cover the full spectrum of well over 100 business cost areas.

Over the years, Auditel’s approach has taken root in the business community and effective cost management has now become recognised by many as a vital part of an organisation’s business strategy. Auditel has supported hundreds of clients, from Household brand, through to smaller and medium sized organisations. Across the public, private and not for profit sectors and in virtually every industry sector, Auditel consultants have instigated smarter procurement solutions, which have led to millions of pounds worth of savings.

These days, with over 3,400 clients in the UK and Ireland, Auditel continues to deliver sustainable solutions that lower costs, reduce waste and increase efficiency.