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With homeworking emissions being the single largest contributor to it’s carbon footprint as calculated by Auditel, it was clear that this area needed to be addressed as part of 15below’s journey to Net Zero.  

November was chosen as the launch month to promote a series of sustainability themes to 15below’s employees under the banner of ‘Go-Green November’. Methods of delivery varied widely, from webinars providing hints and tips, to competitions and team events.

Auditel assisted with contributions to planning, material and delivery. Whereas some initiatives were directed towards accomplishing measurable reductions in homeworking emissions, others were targeted at making a wider sustainable difference, climate awareness and even helping employees achieve cost reductions.

Themes were allocated to each week of November: Climate awareness, energy, waste & recycling and water. A team competition was run through the whole month where employees were invited to accept behavioural challenges from reducing meat intake to limiting shower time!

A number of the team took a morning out to help clean Brighton Beach and later indulge in a well-deserved vegetarian breakfast!

Claire Pallett, 15below’s People Director said, “We are committed to achieving our Net Zero goals and our people really want to know how they personally can make a positive difference to the climate too. Go-Green November was a great way to support this effort and was interesting and enjoyable. We all learnt a lot and have started to adopt some greener habits into our everyday lives”