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04 Oct 2017

Improving building operations efficiency

Paul Strachan Green is the new black as far as company desirability is concerned. Increasingly customers are looking for companies with sustainable production methods which means investors are looking at your company’s operations efficiency. Keep Cool Low power appliances not Read on →

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12 Sep 2017

Energy Update for 12th September 2017

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I’m afraid prices went up again last week. We’re still seeing the ongoing problems with imports from Norway, due to outages on that side of the North Sea. Coupled with cooler Read on →

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22 Aug 2017

Energy Update for 22 August 2017

This week or last week indeed, we saw prices on the rise again overall, so there’s a definitive trend upwards over the past couple of weeks, and this is going to have a fairly adverse impact on those customers that Read on →

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