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21 Feb 2012

Mobile Termination Rates – Why Wait?

The UK Competition Commission continues to drive for lower mobile termination charges, with wholesale rates set to drop from a little over 4p per minute to less than 0.65p per minute by 2015. Challenges to the ruling are expected and Read on →

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14 Feb 2012

Poetic Anti-Valentine to Energy Companies

Posted by: Ron Yellon The Energy Ombudsman’s website has today launched a tale of “lost love, suffering, heartache and ultimately rejection”, an anti-Valentine from an energy customer who had problems switching supplier. On this 14th of Feb, curl up beside Read on →

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12 Feb 2012

High Energy Prices Puts UK Recovery at Risk!

Posted by: Paul Foster Energy costs are critical to our economic recovery, particularly in manufacturing. If we want to have an industry led private sector recovery and growth in our economy we need to wake up to our lack of Read on →

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23 Jan 2012

Beware the contract rollover

Posted by: Tim Halfhead There was an excellent piece in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday (The Enterprise Zone) about White’s Seafood and Steak Bar in Hastings which had received a letter from British Gas the previous month warning that their energy Read on →

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