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ESOS Phase 2 Briefing

Nigel Collins

Posted by: Nigel Collins

I was recently asked by a client, whether they should start on energy audits now to comply with the next round of ESOS, Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme. This sounds quite refreshing, bearing in mind the mad rush we had in Phase 1 as organisations left it until 2 or 3 months before the deadline before getting started.

My response was that if you have new energy efficiency initiatives you are thinking of carrying out now, why not undertake ESOS compliant energy audits now? This will not only help you make the business case but could then contribute towards compliance with ESOS Phase 2. If however, you see ESOS as just a compliance exercise, you may prefer to wait until 2019 as only after the next qualification date of 31st December 2018, can you properly assess your total energy consumption. You may then find that further energy audits are required.

I have produced a detailed briefing on ESOS Phase 2 and if you would like a free copy of this, please email me and include ESOS in the subject header

21 Nov 2017

Energy Update for 21st November

Last week we saw prices falling, which was a welcome relief after some fairly significant increases over the week or two before. The main driver for this was a drop in demand due to warmer weather and also a healthy Read on →

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17 Nov 2017

Auditel’s 22nd National Conference

Auditel’s 22nd National Conference took place last week at Chesford Grange near Kenilworth. The annual event provides the business’ network with an opportunity to come together to share ideas and best practice. It is just one element of Auditel’s ongoing Read on →

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04 Oct 2017

Improving building operations efficiency

Posted by: Paul Strachan Green is the new black as far as company desirability is concerned. Increasingly customers are looking for companies with sustainable production methods which means investors are looking at your company’s operations efficiency. Keep Cool Low power Read on →

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