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Auditel showcase their 17th Supplier Exhibition

The 17th Auditel Supplier Exhibition is taking place on the 12th May 2017 at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

Auditel Supplier Exhibition

Whilst independence is central to the Auditel offering, experience has proven that establishing the right relationships with the right kind of suppliers means our clients really do benefit from great deals and service.

This annual event allows suppliers and consultants to meet face-to-face and enhance knowledge and understanding of each others’ services in a way that adds real value to our client offering.

Our partner companies for the event include, major energy companies, telecoms providers, office supplies, and a wide range of business services from insurance to finance, and just about everything the modern business needs.

Suppliers will always be the lifeblood of our business. Without their ongoing support, we could not provide the level of products and services that our clients have come to expect.

This year sees the return of the popular pre Exhibition Networking Breakfast, which will also feature a Q&A panel session hosted by our three BCAL’s.

We look forward to welcoming all exhibitors on the 12th.

Please use the Auditel Supplier Exhibition hashtag: #AuditelSE for tweets.


08 May 2017

Energy Update for 8th May 2017

Last week, prices increased initially on the back of a reduction of imports of gas from Norway, some outages at the UK Nuclear Fleet, and the cold weather continuing to keep demand high. However, this was offset a little bit Read on →

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27 Apr 2017

Energy Update for 27th April 2017

In general quite a quiet week last week. Prices in the short term increasing a little bit. Further out along the curve though, prices falling away. The main driver for gas prices at the beginning of the week was as Read on →

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10 Apr 2017

Energy Update for 10th April 2017

Last week we saw prices increasing again slightly. Primarily driven by the gas system going short, despite the nice weather. Temperatures were quite cool, so demand increased a little bit and we also saw exports to Europe keeping the system Read on →

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03 Apr 2017

Energy Update for 3rd April 2017

Last week saw prices increasing across the board for the first time in some time. In the short term, there was some volatility as the gas system fluctuated from between being a long and short, and also due to some Read on →

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27 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 27th March 2017

At the beginning of last week prices rallied a little as temperatures dropped and the gas system came back into balance after a period of being long. However, as forecast for April showed warmer weather, prices began to fall again, Read on →

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22 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 21st March 2017

At the start of the week, the continued oversupply of gas kept prices down. However, that graded situation where the UK can start to export to the continent, which supported prices alongside a weakening pound. As the week progressed, despite Read on →

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16 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 16th March 2017

This week overall prices were down again, particularly driven by the continued warmer weather, which has reduced heating demand and some quite healthy renewable generation. On top of that, a rallying pound towards the end of the week kept the Read on →

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08 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 7th March 2017

This week has seen energy prices falling again, continuing the trend, which began around about January time. Increases in delivery of LNG, higher wind generation all supported the falling prices, alongside the decreasing demand due to the warmer weather. There Read on →

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