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Energy Update for 27th March 2017

At the beginning of last week prices rallied a little as temperatures dropped and the gas system came back into balance after a period of being long. However, as forecast for April showed warmer weather, prices began to fall again, helped by a strengthening pound.

The wind generation fell off during the week. We began to see the impact of solar powered generation having a major effect on the draw from the main transmission system. It will be interesting to see how this affects the demand for air conditioned cooling, which should become current with the most generation of solar powered energy.

Looking forward with the exception of rumours that the Asian economy is beginning to recover, there seems little evidence to suggest a reason for why prices will rally in the near term. Oil prices are stranded around about $51 a barrel and have been for a little while and there’s a conflict between the increased output from the US still along with uncertainty over whether OPEC will continue to cap their production.

In the short term, we’re going to be moving away from heating load being a key driver of pricing volatility to air conditioning load. As I mentioned earlier in this report, it’ll be interesting to see the effect that solar powered generation will have on hopefully keeping costs down.

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22 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 21st March 2017

At the start of the week, the continued oversupply of gas kept prices down. However, that graded situation where the UK can start to export to the continent, which supported prices alongside a weakening pound. As the week progressed, despite Read on →

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16 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 16th March 2017

This week overall prices were down again, particularly driven by the continued warmer weather, which has reduced heating demand and some quite healthy renewable generation. On top of that, a rallying pound towards the end of the week kept the Read on →

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08 Mar 2017

Energy Update for 7th March 2017

This week has seen energy prices falling again, continuing the trend, which began around about January time. Increases in delivery of LNG, higher wind generation all supported the falling prices, alongside the decreasing demand due to the warmer weather. There Read on →

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28 Feb 2017

Energy Update for 28th February 2017

Auditel’s Energy Pricing Report, covers the period from the 13th of February through to today, the 27th. Energy prices over the last fortnight have been particularly influenced by weather and warmer temperatures. Last week warmer temperatures in the very short Read on →

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13 Feb 2017

Energy Update for 13th February 2017

This week’s report will cover the period from the 30th of January until today, the 13th of Feb. In the week commencing the 30th of January, prices rose primarily on the back of an under supplied gas system, partly supported Read on →

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07 Feb 2017

UK Productivity on the Ropes

Posted by: Steven Godfrey UK manufacturers’ supply chain costs are increasing at the fastest rate for 25 years, yet output growth is at a 32 month high. What does this tell us, and what should we be doing about it? Read on →

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