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Knee Jerk Cost Savings or Sustainable Cost Management

05 Oct 2013 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Cost Management will continue to be crucial for many industry sectors for the next five to ten years. Revenues will be tougher to earn, margins will be challenged by hungry competitors and customer demands. Yet, organisations that excel at managing their cost base will be best placed to accelerate their performance. Rather than knee-jerk cost […]

Feed In Tariff – Why your electricity bills will increase

28 Jan 2013 | Filed under: Energy market, FREE Business Health Check, Industry News

Have you noticed an additional charge, FiT or ‘manual adjustment’ appear on your Electricity bill? The Government has implemented a number of schemes to  reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, including the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and the Renewables Obligation (RO). Great if you are generating electricity as you will receive FiT payments. Not so good […]

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Forbes Magazine and IoD on Cost Management

21 Jan 2013 | Filed under: FREE Business Health Check, Industry News, Recession

Leading business magazine Forbes recently conceded: ‘A dollar gained in revenue is a very good thing …but remember, only a small portion reaches earnings.  A dollar saved from cost, however, goes directly to the bottom line.  So while focusing on the top-line, don’t forget to engage in a systematic approach to governing costs as a […]

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One in six charities fear closure as crisis hits, say charity chiefs

08 Jan 2013 | Filed under: Charities, FREE Business Health Check, Recession

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) published the results of a poll in early December where one in six charities believe they may face closure in the coming year amid public spending cutbacks and falling donations from the public. Small and Medium sized charities seem to have been affected the worst, deficits for 2011 reaching £300m against […]

Bank forgives debt for school technology lease rip-off

26 Sep 2012 | Filed under: Academies, Benchmarking, Industry News, Schools

Following on from a high-profile Panorama expose this week, Clydesdale Bank has said it will write off millions of pounds in debts owed by 27 schools that fell victim to a large-scale equipment leasing rip-off. The BBC’s Panorama programme reported that at least 169 schools fell for the elaborate scheme. A spokesman for the Finance and Leasing […]

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Outsourced Purchasing

05 Sep 2012 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Let’s face it, doing business these days is expensive so, with the economic downturn lasting longer than predicted, stake holders in profit-led and non-profit organisations throughout the UK can no longer afford to carry on with ‘business as usual’. Positive action is required just to maintain position, let alone grow, and when markets are slowing […]

Mandatory disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions for Leading Businesses

27 Jun 2012 | Filed under: Energy market, Uncategorized

Last week Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minister annouced at the Rio+ 20 Summit that all businesses listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange will have to report their levels of greenhouse gas emissions from the start of the next financial year. The new regulations will be introduced from April 2013 and […]

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It’s easier to Save than to Sell

19 Apr 2012 | Filed under: Energy market, FREE Business Health Check

Why should you be interested in Cost Management? I’ll let the maths do the talking. If you spend £100,000 per year on energy, I am currently obtaining savings for my clients of just over 20% on average, you would have to increase sales by £200,000 per annum – that is based on a net profit […]

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‘Big six’ energy firms had 4 million complaints last year

11 Jan 2012 | Filed under: Energy market, Industry News

Which? has released the results of it’s satisfaction survey 2012 on the best and worst energy suppliers. Although 14 suppliers are listed for England, Wales and Scotland for most business customers it’s the ‘big six’ that they are most likely to use that managed to tot up a unimpressive 4 million complaints last year. Mistakes on […]

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Why Should I Benchmark?

08 Nov 2011 | Filed under: Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps your company to compare how well you are performing against others and identifies whether your company is at a disadvantage. Whether you are benchmarking to increase productivity or reduce operating expenses, driving best-in-class performance through benchmarking may increase efficiencies, profitability, and improve customer service. The IoD has recently published a useful Directors Briefing […]

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