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Weekly Energy Report – Week Ended 6 January 2017

10 Jan 2017 | Written by: jenni

Summary Prices fell across the board with a small rally during the middle of the week. This week, energy prices largely ignored oil which, in general increased as the promised production decreases begin to be seen lead by Saudi Arabia. Gas The main factor for a price falls during the week was an over-supply that […]

Utilites Review, December 2016

06 Jan 2017 | Written by: luisakeig

Happy New Year to you all! Here we               continue our update on the UK utilities market, covering the latest in the electricity, gas, renewable energy and water industries… Summary An interesting month for energy prices, where the prevailing logic behind price movements did not manifest itself. Generally, energy prices […]

Make Reducing Business Costs a New Year’s resolution you can keep!

04 Jan 2017 | Written by: luisakeig

The New Year’s not just a great time for personal resolutions, it’s also a good time to re look at your business strategies. Often business overhead costs get shoved to the bottom of the pile, particularly when time is pressured. But actually procuring these services well can really add to an organisations profit. The trick […]

Don’t be an April Fool over business rates

28 Dec 2016 | Written by: stevengodfrey

UK businesses pay £26 bln a year in business rates.  From 2013 onwards local government has retained 50% of this money and by 2020 it will keep 100%.  Central government funding will be correspondingly reduced. Business rating periods usually span 5 years.  The last rating period was due to run from 2010-2015 but was extended […]

Weekly Energy Report – Week Ended 15 December 2016

20 Dec 2016 | Written by: jenni

Summary The week ended slightly up across the whole curve though several factors competed for domination. Gas and Power Prices were up across the board to start with. In the short term, a shortage of supply in the gas system and further out, prices responded to the increase in the price of oil futures after […]

What should you do if you are receiving free gas (or electricity)?

19 Dec 2016 | Written by: nigelcollins

Occasionally, we some across clients who appear to be receiving free gas or electricity. In reality, there is no such thing as a free lunch and there are generally two common reasons for this. Either the supplier has ‘forgotten’ to bill the supply or the meter is what is called ‘shipperless’ or ‘unregistered’. Either way, […]

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2017 agenda: Water Deregulation

18 Dec 2016 | Written by: davidgould

Two features of doing business today are constant change, and an ever more complicated set of choices to be made. Tricky, isn’t it? This adds to the burden of management, bringing a raft of annoying small decisions that can affect the operations and profitability of the company but don’t directly contribute to its development, let […]

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Helping Schools and Academies cut costs

14 Dec 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

As the BBC reported today, Schools are facing 8% budget cuts and about 60% of secondary schools already have deficits*. By 2019-20 it is reported that State schools in England will have to find £3bn in savings. The news article largely focusses on The Department for Education’s launch of a new funding formula, which proposes to […]

Weekly Energy Report – Week Ended 09 December 2016

13 Dec 2016 | Written by: jenni

Summary A predominantly bearish energy market last week – gas prices falling off through most of the week and power generally following. Friday saw the start of a recovery which has fed through into pricing in the following week. Gas and Power Many factors contributed to a weak market. Primarily the above average temperatures contributed […]

Weekly Energy Report – Week Ended 02 December 2016

07 Dec 2016 | Written by: jenni

Summary In general, prices have come off across the board during the week and this continued into the following week. This is despite the agreement being finally reached to cap oil production which has seen oil prices rise significantly. As of today, prices have fallen even more dramatically on the back of the strengthening pound. […]



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