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Money Savers

04 Feb 2015 | Written by: Stephen Gaubert

Start 2015 as you mean to go on by cutting your business’s costs….. Over the last two years, I’ve offered advice to early years providers seeking to manage their overhead costs. In 2013, I looked at energy, telecommunications, waste and consumables; in 2014, I concentrated on the key cost areas of energy efficiency, water and […]

For enduring performance it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee?

03 Feb 2015 | Written by: ronyellon

Major deflation of economic activity is being masked by aggressive central bank intervention worldwide, and that intervention cannot successfully mask the problem indefinitely.  Organisations wanting to remain profitable must take action on all fronts to respond robustly to the risks. Simple cost reduction exercises don’t work: a strategic approach to the management of costs is […]

Top Tips for Fuel Cost Savings

02 Feb 2015 | Written by: luisakeig

Fuel is a topic that is never far from the lips of many business owners. It is often an essential business cost and the lifeblood for many. So where can savings be made? At Auditel, we’ve come up with our top cost cutting ideas for Fuel below…   Fuel Cards There is a huge network of […]

Are you about to pay more to process Visa Debit cards?

26 Jan 2015 | Written by: ruthdawe

Many organisations are completely unaware of a major change to the way Visa Debit cards will be charged from 1st March 2015, even though for many this will result in an increase for the cost of their card transactions. What are the changes ? Visa are changing the Interchange element of the pricing that they […]

Cost reduction v strategic cost management in 30 seconds

26 Jan 2015 | Written by: ronyellon

Did you know that 70% of companies have no strategy for cost management or ongoing programme? How do you manage? A or B? A) Cost reduction Short term one-off projects Focused on an isolated business cost or a single line in the ledger at a time Blunt instrument applied mechanically Undue weight given to headline […]

Mr Moffitt’s Profits Times January Edition

19 Jan 2015 | Written by: jonathanmoffitt

  The regulator and ministry you need to be paying attention to space OFWAT is the water regulator in England & Wales and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is the responsible ministry. On 11th December 2014, DEFRA launched a new consultation on Government plans to implement new regulations to enable the […]

The Greatest Obstacles to Strategic Cost Management

19 Jan 2015 | Written by: paulmillican

Back in November 2013, a survey was commissioned by Auditel to ask important questions about how businesses approach strategic cost management – the data was interesting to say the least, and gave us all a greater insight into what was happening across businesses. Fourteen months later, and the data has never been more relevant. The […]

LED lighting top tips

16 Jan 2015 | Written by: terrythornhill

LED lighting can greatly reduce energy consumption. Here are some of our LED Lighting top tips: Survey your lighting and calculate the annual cost of running your lighting for each area. This will identify priority areas for changing as well as those areas where no change is required Work out how to measure the energy […]

Whole Life Costs of Vehicles. Are you maximising efficiency?

15 Jan 2015 | Written by: david

Whether you have one van or a fleet of vans – they represent a high level of asset investment. Therefore, doesn’t it make commercial sense to utilise your vehicle(s) in a way that reduces the whole life costs. Throughout the lifecycle, there should be a focus around: Purchase or leasing costs – irrespective of which […]

Water, Don’t Waste a Drop

08 Jan 2015 | Written by: Stephen Gaubert

Do you know how much water your setting uses? If not, you could be leaking money, warns Stephen Gaubert… By controlling the amount of water you use, you can start saving money immediately – it’s that straightforward. Most businesses today will be using a water meter to monitor consumption and reduce the amount of waste […]



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