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Top Tips for Restaurants

13 Jan 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

Where can cost savings be made in the restaurant trade? Read on to find out… Switch to energy saving lighting Expensive Tungsten halogen spot lighting is commonly found in restaurants. Savings can be achieved by using 35W bulbs with an infrared reflective coating (IRC) instead of the standard 50W bulbs. Turn down the thermostat in […]

Energy Saving Obligations

04 Jan 2016 | Written by: jenni

The deadline for organisations to comply with the ESOS scheme was 5 December 2015 – does it affect you, and if it does, are you ready? What is the ESOS (Enegy Savings Opportunity Scheme)? It is a mandatory scheme that requires all eligible businesses to complete an energy audit to identify cost-effective energy-saving measures. Any […]

Card Processing Fees

14 Dec 2015 | Written by: jenni

Every nursery accepting card payments has been affected in recent months by changes to the way Merchant card processing fees are charged, particularly debit cards. What are the changes? The EU has been pressing Visa and MasterCard to reduce interchange, the charge payable by your card processor to the bank who issued the card being […]

Confused by fuel cards?

14 Dec 2015 | Written by: davidgould

Even with prices this week falling below £1 for the first time in 6 years, diesel is a major expense for any company that has vehicles on the road. Things can change quickly: oil is a volatile commodity and chancellors can change the tax regime on a whim. In 2003, diesel was just 78p a litre, and […]

Business supplies: announcing a Chamber Group Supply Deal and managed service for members

08 Dec 2015 | Written by: ronyellon

Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce in association with Auditel, the UK’s leading cost management specialists, has been working to bring to its members a totally new way of buying business supplies, traditionally an area of essential business expenditure troublesome for many firms. This article announces a Group Supply Deal and managed service, describes the benefits and […]

Alternative Energy Purchasing?

05 Dec 2015 | Written by: jenni

It’s commonly said that if you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Energy prices on the wholesale market continue to fall, but will you be able to take advantage of this? It depends on when your energy contracts are coming up for renewal – and what tariffs […]

Maintaining Safe and Accurate Records

02 Dec 2015 | Written by: jenni

Every early years provides, whether a nursery, preschool or childminder, has a fundamental responsibility to maintain records relating to the children in its care. Ofsted has set out the key requirements and guidelines regarding the nature of the information to be held, alongside the requirements of Data Protection legislation. It is important that proper storage […]

ESOS compliance deadline

24 Nov 2015 | Written by: joehughes

Are you feeling the pressure of the rapidly looming ESOS compliance deadline of 5th December? Well, the latest ESOS Newsletter  of the Environment Agency (EA) suggests that whilst the compliance date remains set for early December, penalties’ enforcement action for non-compliance by the 5th December will only start after 29th January 2016. In plain English, the EA wants to be […]

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Eight quick wins on energy efficiency

15 Nov 2015 | Written by: davidgould

When examining their overheads, business owners generally accept that there is an inevitable baseline level of energy consumption. After all, lights need to be switched on, machines used, premises heated, kettles boiled and so on. Their focus is naturally on paying less for each kWh used, and Auditel clients can relax in the knowledge that they […]

How will Energy Meter Settlement changes (P272) affect your business?

12 Nov 2015 | Written by: luisakeig

What is P272? All electricity supply companies have a regulatory obligation directed by Ofgem to change the way customers with Profile Classes of 05 to 08 meters (known as Maximum Demand meters) are billed. The supplies will be converted to HH meters (Profile Class 00). This change is known as P272 or the Balancing and Settlement […]



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