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Wherever you’re based in the UK, your organisation can avail of Auditel’s expertise . Our consultants come from a wide range of industry and professional backgrounds but are all trained to the highest level in cost and purchase management consultancy. As industry leaders they understand the complexities involved in managing business overheads and will, in effect, be another member of your management team.

While the formal training programme that all Auditel consultants go through lasts twelve months, the learning and professional development programme never stops. With decades of combined experience and expertise across the network, your consultant has access to an unrivalled depth and breadth of specialist knowledge, ensuring you have access to the highest quality cost and purchase management advice available in the UK. What’s more, because our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we can draw on specific industry insight to deliver solutions you can trust and that address the particular issues and requirements of your business.


Managers Read This. The Advantages of Strategic Cost Management.

Posted by: rayanderson | 27 Feb 2015

It’s Friday morning, I’ve tied up my loose ends for the weekend and looking forward to having a few sweet sherries later at a function. Anyway I digress. As managers there’s no doubt in my mind that there are two areas that are constant hurdles you have to overcome in order to do your job […]

Park Furnishers

Posted by: jenni | 26 Feb 2015

Park Furnishers, set up in 1967, have been selling affordable and quality furniture and home furnishings in Bristol for over forty five years. Starting life as a small family business in Brislington, Park Furnishers has today grown to fill a 105,000 square feet showroom in Bedminster, making it the largest furniture store in Bristol and […]

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) update

Posted by: nigelcollins | 25 Feb 2015

It is now about 4 months since the first professional registers were approved as offering qualified lead assessors and it is interesting to review developments so far. The reaction from a lot of organisations to ESOS has been somewhat cynical with ESOS being viewed as a tax. This is disappointing given that with the right […]

Strategic Cost Management is the Future

Posted by: rayanderson | 25 Feb 2015

Why does outsourcing cost management make sense? Because in-house cost management is costing large and medium-sized organisations considerable amounts of time and money Because few organisations have the people, tools or knowledge to effectively manage their costs and deliver sustainable profit improvement. Because it will free up in-house resources Despite the arguments for, many still […]

Borahurst Ltd

Posted by: jenni | 24 Feb 2015

Borahurst Ltd is an award winning and busy Mechanical Services company.  They felt that they were on top of their energy costs, but we were able to find savings of 21% on their gas contract. Read the Borahurst Ltd Testimonial

Paula Rosa Kitchens

Posted by: jenni | 23 Feb 2015

We have saved in excess of £100,000 in the time that we have worked with Paula Rosa Kitchen. These savings were obtained in their Gas, electricity, Insurance, Business Rates, Fuel Cards, Bulk Fuel and Courier spend. We continue to monitor their invoices and ensure that they are always getting the best value for their money. […]

The Auditel Business Hub Partnership (BHP) – An intern’s perspective

Posted by: jenni | 23 Feb 2015

Posted by: Elliot Green, Marketing Intern Impressions: customer focused, hugely supportive, warm and friendly and overall a highly useful service area that any cost-aware business can benefit from. I started working for the Business Hub Partnership back in December 2014. As the go-to social media savvy digital marketing intern, I was responsible for establishing the […]

Outsourced Strategic Cost Management = More Time + Better Quality + Reduced Costs = Competitive Advantage

Posted by: rayanderson | 23 Feb 2015

Are you a business owner looking to increase profits and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Of course you are. Do you really know how a successfully implemented cost management strategy can benefit your business? Do you really understand what a cost management strategy is? Does your business have one, and if not why […]

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