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Uncertain times? They don’t need to be

10 Feb 2017 | Written by: ruthdawe

Have you noticed that whenever you pick up a paper, turn on the news, talk to a supplier everyone keeps telling you about the uncertain times we live in? Prices are expected to rise in 2017 due to the less favourable exchange rate putting increasing pressure on margins. So what have you done about it? […]

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Seven Steps to Better Profits

09 Feb 2017 | Written by: davidgould

Most of us have a pretty reasonable idea of what to expect from our professional advisers. We know that accountants are going to look at your books and turn them into statutory accounts. We know that solicitors come in many different flavours, but they will all seek instructions and agree a course of action with […]

UK productivity on the ropes

06 Feb 2017 | Written by: stevengodfrey

UK manufacturers’ supply chain costs are increasing at the fastest rate for 25 years, yet output growth is at a 32 month high.  What does this tell us, and what should we be doing about it ? A recent report by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply describes how a weakened sterling coupled with […]

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Utilities Review, January 2017

06 Feb 2017 | Written by: luisakeig

 Some interesting snippets of information in the UK Utilities market this month…              Electricity How will Brexit impact the interconnectors with the continent? For the existing infrastructure this will depend on the nature of the agreement existing and yet to be made between the UK and Europe. This could depend on whether the UK […]

Brexit Overload?

26 Jan 2017 | Written by: markdevenport

There can be no doubt that “Brexit” will cause “change”. Over decades of my own management experiences, and talking now to business owners and management, change management always presents a diverse scope of opportunity and challenge with the added clouding issue of emotion. Couple that with fear of embracing the unknown or the unproven with positive […]

What is VoIP and why should you care ?

17 Jan 2017 | Written by: stevengodfrey

The current situation Domestic users rent analogue telephone lines.  Business users rent digital telephone lines, called ISDN lines.  Small installations use a variety called ‘ISDN 2’ and larger installations use ‘ISDN 30’. ISDN phone lines are usually connected to a telephone system on the company premises, normally an anonymous beige box located near Reception or […]

Weekly Energy Report – Week Ended 13 January 2017

17 Jan 2017 | Written by: jenni

Summary Prices rose through the week and ended up across all products in power and gas, though there were signs of easement at the end of the week. Gas The anticipated cold spell at the end of the previous week drove price up in the short term despite the system margin being long and oil […]

Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – January 2017

13 Jan 2017 | Written by: jonathanmoffitt

Download as pdf Links of Interest HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS, AND WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Find out about small business rate relief at: https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-business-rate-relief/small-business-rate-relief Have a look at this article by Edie for 2017 : Happy New Year: Seventeen big reasons for the green economy to be excited about 2017. […]

An Easier Way to Manage Business Growth

12 Jan 2017 | Written by: jenni

Management consultants will tell you that there are five recognised ways to accelerate business growth: Increase your capacity Attract more customers Upgrade your current customer Improve work-life balance for your staff Add more options (or streams of revenue) Without doubt, all of these will take time for your staff. It may be easier said than […]

Water Deregulation

12 Jan 2017 | Written by: jenni

In April 2017 the non household water industry in England and Wales will be deregulated. This will lead to opportunities and challenges. (Currently only business using over 5 mega litres of water and those based in Scotland have this choice). The English water market consists of more than 22 suppliers which has led to non […]



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