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iOS9 “WiFi Assist”: Is it eating up all of your data?

02 Oct 2015 | Written by: ruthdawe

Apple recently issued a new upgrade to their operating platform (iOS9) and one of the most useful features within this upgrade could unexpectedly lead to a significant increase in data usage, and therefore costs, to some users. The new iOS9 upgrade contains a feature call “WiFi Assist” which is turned on by default. At first […]

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iOS 9 – A Risk to your Business Costs?

30 Sep 2015 | Written by: Mike Andrews

An ever increasing number of businesses are moving their mobile phone fleets to Apple iOS devices due to their sleek design, ease of use and market share. It’s estimated Apple devices now have a 35% share of the business market and that number has grown steadily since the advent of the iPhone 6 & 6+ models. […]

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“You can’t handle the truth”. Increased Profits need Increased Sales and Cost Management.

25 Sep 2015 | Written by: rayanderson

  So said Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”…(well not the cost management bit…) But is the same true in business? Can you handle the truth if it’s that there’s more to making a profit and growing a business than just increasing sales? Can you handle the truth if I told you that all […]

Are you a Middle Lane Hogger?

24 Sep 2015 | Written by: janecampbell

Middle Lane Hogging is still common practice on our motorways despite the potential threat of points on your licence and a £100 fine! The reason drivers sit in the middle lane is that they perceive it is safer to plod along at a set speed and avoid multiple manoeuvres and lane swapping and arrive safe […]

ESOS – more EU red tape or a serious opportunity?

22 Sep 2015 | Written by: ianhopping

The Energy Efficiency Directive is a piece of legislation passed last year that requires EU member states to introduce measures to promote energy efficiency. The aim was to help the EU meet its ‘20% by 2020’ energy efficiency target. One such measure is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), a mandatory scheme for large organisations […]

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Big 6 Energy firms benefit from a lack of competition

18 Sep 2015 | Written by: terrythornhill

Energy companies are making in the region of £500million in excess profits from small businesses in the UK because of a lack of competition. This is the finding of a provisional report into the energy market compiled by the Competition & Markets Authority. The rapid increase in domestic energy prices in recent years and the […]

How environmentally friendly are electric vehicles?

17 Sep 2015 | Written by: janegaynor

  Electric vehicles are getting more consideration these days as a serious contender for company fleets.  They are seen as the green alternative to diesel and petrol cars but just how environmentally friendly are they? If we look only at exhaust emissions it’s clear that EVs are 100% more sustainable than petrol & diesel cars. […]

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Avoid ESOS fines of £5,000 + an extra £500 per day penalty

15 Sep 2015 | Written by: gilliangibbon

By 5th December 2015, for all UK enterprises with 250+ employees and/or annual turnover of 50 million euros/ balance sheet of 43 million euros, it is mandatory to have energy audits carried out by accredited auditors under ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). Failure to submit compliance documentation by 5th December 2015 will result in a […]

Is your energy procurement Lean, Mean & Green ?

02 Sep 2015 | Written by: janegaynor

The cost of energy affects every organisation.  Management of this essential business cost can be a minefield but if you adopt a strategic approach to your energy management then you will be able to ensure you keep costs low and achieve the best deal for your business needs.   MEAN – It is all about […]

Hello world!

01 Sep 2015 | Written by: paulwallace

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