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Wherever you’re based in the UK, your organisation can avail of Auditel’s expertise . Our consultants come from a wide range of industry and professional backgrounds but are all trained to the highest level in cost and purchase management consultancy. As industry leaders they understand the complexities involved in managing business overheads and will, in effect, be another member of your management team.

While the formal training programme that all Auditel consultants go through lasts twelve months, the learning and professional development programme never stops. With decades of combined experience and expertise across the network, your consultant has access to an unrivalled depth and breadth of specialist knowledge, ensuring you have access to the highest quality cost and purchase management advice available in the UK. What’s more, because our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we can draw on specific industry insight to deliver solutions you can trust and that address the particular issues and requirements of your business.


Ex-Global Head of Market Data Services embraces his new role in Cost Management Consultancy

Posted by: jenni | 21 Aug 2015

Since 1994, Auditel has become the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist cost management consultancy, with over 3,500 clients. Avi Birdi joined the Auditel network after over 18 years’ experience with top-tier Investment Banks. He was responsible for local and ultimately, global management of all technical, commercial and administrative aspects of Market Data Services. During this […]

What has a Green Team ever done for us?

Posted by: janegaynor | 20 Aug 2015

  During my last couple of years at Nielsen I was responsible for launching the Green Team network.  We built 70 Green Teams globally resulting in over 200 environmentally sustainably projects in the first 6 months.   Now that I’m a cost management specialist I’m even more aware of how simple actions can make a significant […]

ESOS Deadline Looming

Posted by: Mike Andrews | 18 Aug 2015

If your business qualifies for ESOS (we say qualification, but depending on your outlook this may read ‘is captured by’) you are required to have filed an accredited report by no later than 5th December 2015 (a Saturday of all days). Those businesses who are required to submit a report by this time but do not do […]

Is Fuel Fuelling the Rising Cost of Business?

Posted by: rayanderson | 18 Aug 2015

For any businesses that wish they could kerb fuel costs, read on (after clicking on the link of course!) http://t.co/EBxBtO2hUH — Ray Anderson (@RayMCAnderson) August 18, 2015

Mr Moffitt’s Profits Times: Issue Eighteen

Posted by: jonathanmoffitt | 03 Aug 2015

[column columns=5] Climate Change Levy exemptions removed Previously, electricity from renewable sources had been exempt from the Climate Change Levy (the tax businesses pay on energy usage). From 1st August 2015 this ends. The move could see a 6% loss in income for onshore wind farms as they lose the Levy Exemption Certificates which provide […]

Drive an extra £100,000 profit without troubling your Sales Director…

Posted by: ronyellon | 31 Jul 2015

“Let’s suppose your gross profit is 25% and you have made a saving of £100,000 on your business costs. To make an equivalent profit through day-to-day operations, you would have to generate £400,000 in additional sales. How much more effort would that take?” According to a survey conducted for Auditel, the UK’s leading cost management […]

How do you keep track of your fleet fuel costs ?

Posted by: janegaynor | 30 Jul 2015

UK petrol prices have reached a six-month high at over 117p a litre. While the diesel price hike is less visible at the pumps, it still doesn’t reflect the fact that wholesale diesel costs are around 2p a litre less than petrol. As pump prices continue to rise it’s even more important to ensure that […]

Big drops for water ?

Posted by: stevengodfrey | 27 Jul 2015

Scotland – a world first For obvious reasons, UK water companies have historically been regional monopolies. That began to change in 2008 when Scotland announced a world first in deregulating water and wastewater supplies for non-domestic customers. Scottish Water spun off its retail arm into a legally separate entity (Business Stream) who initially had 100% […]

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