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Wherever you’re based in the UK, your organisation can avail of Auditel’s expertise . Our consultants come from a wide range of industry and professional backgrounds but are all trained to the highest level in cost and purchase management consultancy. As industry leaders they understand the complexities involved in managing business overheads and will, in effect, be another member of your management team.

While the formal training programme that all Auditel consultants go through lasts twelve months, the learning and professional development programme never stops. With decades of combined experience and expertise across the network, your consultant has access to an unrivalled depth and breadth of specialist knowledge, ensuring you have access to the highest quality cost and purchase management advice available in the UK. What’s more, because our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we can draw on specific industry insight to deliver solutions you can trust and that address the particular issues and requirements of your business.


Leven Energy Services

Posted by: jenni | 25 Mar 2015

I was engaged by Leven Energy Services to look at a number of their supplier contracts even though they were confident what they had a good control over most of their costs. I looked at their fuel, photocopiers, business rates, stationery supply, mobile telephone contract, vehicles and energy supplies. To date, I have saved money […]

The top 5 reasons why your energy bill could rise in 2015 – and what to do now

Posted by: jenni | 24 Mar 2015

With fixed energy tariffs falling to their lowest point in recent years one cannot help but ask how the falling prices affect me? Despite duel fuel tariffs pricing as low as £950 in some instances, most customers are not reaping the benefits. The majority of consumers have not switched tariffs and as a result, are […]

Are you paying attention to UK Card Processing Fee Changes in 2015?

Posted by: paulfoster | 13 Mar 2015

More change will take place in 2015 than in all the last 10 years put together. What is changing? Card interchange rates representing 90% of the card processors fees to the issuing bank are being capped by the EU. Why is it changing? Legislation is finally forcing Visa and MasterCard to cut the interchange rate […]

PFB Self Drive Hire

Posted by: jenni | 12 Mar 2015

PFB is one of the leading commercial vehicle hire operators in the Midlands. It hires 3.5t light commercial vehicles, 7.5tonne vehicles and also specialises in hiring out Refuse Collection vehicles to councils across the UK. Its growing fleet has a wide range of vehicles such as cranes, grabs, tail lifts, minibuses, glass carriers, curtain-siders, sleeper […]

Accountants and Cost Management. Are they going the extra mile they say they are?

Posted by: rayanderson | 11 Mar 2015

Prior to being in business I only knew one accountant and he did my tax return because even though I was a government employee I had to submit a return but wasn’t allowed to do it online ( if I told you I’d have to shoot you..!) and a good job he did too, managing to […]

‘Of the organisations asked, 70% had no cost management strategy in place’

Posted by: terrythornhill | 11 Mar 2015

    According to a survey conducted by Management Today, on behalf of Auditel, the UK and Ireland’s leading cost management consultancy, ‘70% of all organisations asked, have no cost management strategy in place. Yet 8 out of 10 have it on the boardroom agenda. Over 65% of them now recognise that, carried out by […]

Why Cost Reduction Isn’t The Answer

Posted by: gilliangibbon | 10 Mar 2015

If you had all the time in the world, you could find places to save money Management accounts, invoicing, debt collection, paying suppliers, payroll, Month End, preparing for Year End. Like many of our clients you may simply not have the time or headspace to properly tackle essential costs and their impact on your budgets. […]

Mr Moffitt’s Profits Times: March Edition

Posted by: jonathanmoffitt | 09 Mar 2015

  Moscow using energy supplies as a political weapon is nothing new space With about a third of the EU’s oil coming from Russia (40-50% comes through the Ukraine pipeline system). It seems that attempts to diversify supply cannot happen fast enough. Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom shut-off westward deliveries in 2006 and 2009. So […]

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