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Non Energy costs to offer new savings opportunities for customers

26 May 2016 | Written by: jenni

We all know that the cheapest unit of energy is the one we don’t use. We also know that many business still do not take energy efficiency and energy management as seriously as they could do, missing out on the opportunity to make considerable savings. Often the excuse is either the cost of investment in […]

Business rates revaluation: Are you prepared?

24 May 2016 | Written by: gilliangibbon

All commercial properties in England, Wales and Scotland are currently being assessed and revalued for business rates. The results – which will set business rates for the next five year period – will be announced on 30th September 2016. 1.9 million businesses receive rates bills each year and the bill has to be paid even […]

What should you do if you are receiving free gas or electricity?

21 May 2016 | Written by: paulfoster

Occasionally, we some across clients who appear to be receiving free gas or electricity. In reality, there is no such thing as a free lunch and there are generally two common reasons for this. Either the supplier has ‘forgotten’ to bill the supply. Or the meter is what is called ‘shipperless’ and has not been […]

Your Business Rates Are About To Change!

18 May 2016 | Written by: jenni

The VOA are revaluing every commercial property across the country and the government is changing how your business rates bill is calculated. The impact of these changes will be effective from the 1st April 2017. At the last Budget review Mr Osborne said his business tax reforms were part of a “Budget for small business” […]

Rising SME targeted Cyber attacks and fraudulent activity

03 May 2016 | Written by: markdevenport

In 2015, cyber crime became the most common criminal offence in the United Kingdom, with about million cases.and it is on the rise! The costs to an SME business associated to each criminal cyber fraud according to government research is in the range of £75,000 to £311,000. That is direct costs of loss of cash […]

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The Carbon Trust Launches Green Business Fund

03 May 2016 | Written by: jenni

On the 18th of April 2016, The Carbon Trust will launch its new Green Business Fund. The fund, worth £7m, will allow SME’s (<250 employees) to replace out of date, inefficient systems and equipment and ultimately improve business efficiency and productivity. New research undertaken by The Carbon Trust found that almost half of senior decision […]

Protected: New business rates valuations coming Sept 16: Prepare now to challenge “excessive” bills ahead of April ’17

21 Apr 2016 | Written by: ronyellon

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What gets measured gets done!

21 Apr 2016 | Written by: jenni

A nursery requires good administration and efficient information systems to function well. The ‘what gets measured, gets done’ approach gives managers the opportunity to identify the most important information and to assess weaknesses and strengths… Build a Management Information System There are four key elements to this: Define the critical information needed for your business […]

Certaine Queries Answered

20 Apr 2016 | Written by: davidgould

According to Wikipedia, the practice of compiling FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) goes back to Plato and Thomas Aquinas (example here).  Witchfinder-General Matthew Hopkins published a list with the title “Certaine Queries Answered” in The Discoverie of Witches (1647). The modern incarnation was developed by NASA in the early 1980s. When I explain Auditel and its services, […]

Waste Recycling, what’s the true cost ?

12 Apr 2016 | Written by: markdevenport

Let’s consider the Total Cost, Unit price is naturally important but what else is there to consider in the topic of waste and recycling.? Taking that further, how much Fossil fuel derived energy and bi products are used to manufacture such material, process, transport and transform that waste into new products?   The coffee cup recycling story […]

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