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Problems with your telephone system? Ring the changes in 6 steps.

29 Sep 2016 | Written by: Simon

When it comes to acronyms, the telecoms industry must be up there with the best of them. There’s PSTN, PABX, ISDN, VoIP, DDI, POTS, GPRS, 3G, SIP – alphabeti spaghetti. The industry is pretty confusing – particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that often don’t have the time or expertise to really understand the […]

Manage your “Grey Fleet”

27 Sep 2016 | Written by: gilliangibbon

Grey fleet drivers are employees that drive their own cars for business. Having grey fleet drivers can be more beneficial where users do not have high business mileage, but these drivers can sometimes be hard to manage in respect of mileage, accident management and vehicle maintenance. Why should you take a look at how you manage your […]

Cost Control can be a Headache

14 Sep 2016 | Written by: jenni

Time waits for no man, and in business that is particularly true; before you know it, two-thirds of the calendar year have gone.  A survey of 500 bosses by Heathrow Express, right at the start of the year, found that 35% said they were losing sleep over challenges to their business.  The report authors concluded […]

Utilities Review, August 2016

13 Sep 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

Our monthly review of the   UK Utilities market continues… In summary Bizarrely, the delay on confirming if the Government allow the building of Hinkley nuclear power station, doesn’t seem to have had much effect on prices. This is odd given the notoriously skittish when faced with future uncertainty. Electricity Monthly Price Summary Prices have […]

What is the untapped opportunity in ‘Property Embedded Fixtures & Features’ within Commercial Property?

23 Aug 2016 | Written by: joehughes

We know that many companies and individuals are missing out on millions of pounds of tax savings that are not currently being claimed on commercial properties. Many commercial property owners believe they are claiming all the Capital Allowances they are entitled to. However, they are not claiming the true value as finding the embedded allowances […]

What will deregulation of England’s Water Industry mean to businesses?

10 Aug 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

What is changing in the Water Industry? Deregulation of the business water market in England is set for April 2017. Wales has opted out of deregulation and will continue to operate as a monopoly under Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water). Northern Ireland will also remain unaffected. Scotland deregulated in 2008, and although deregulation was slow here with […]

Utilities Review, July 2016

01 Aug 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

Here’s the second in the series of our Utilities Reviews…   In Summary The early part of the month of July was dominated by speculation on the impact of Brexit and more scrutiny of the finally announced CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) remedies. Both happened on the same day so it is arguable that the […]

Wise Supplies

29 Jul 2016 | Written by: jenni

WISE Supplies offers a phenomenal range of over 200,000 Business Supplies and Services. WISE Supplies brings together the buying power of Nectere, the UK’s largest Business Supplies and Services dealer support group and the knowledge and experience of Auditel, the UK’s leading Strategic Cost Management Consultancy. The latest products and services, all in one place […]

Fuel, Travel and Logistics

12 Jul 2016 | Written by: chrisbourke

Fuel, travel and logistics are well up there as one of the higher overheads for many businesses. We’ve developed some fantastic strategies for helping our clients get a grip on these cost areas. Not only are they a high cost, potentially eating away at profits and taking up a lot of management time, but they […]

Profits down the drain?

01 Jul 2016 | Written by: davidgould

Down the years I’ve found one of the easiest – and most infallible – ways to visualise the flow of cash through a business is to imagine tanks and cisterns of water, connected by pipes and channels. For example: take out a loan, and the lender dumps hundreds of litres into your tank. At the […]



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