Our Clients: Tout’s Budgens

Tout’s Budgens

Tout’s Budgens LogoTout Ltd are an independent retail chain, founded by local husband and wife Philip and Lesley Tout in 2001. Having worked up an estate of four Budgens convenience stores across the South West, Philip and Lesley took a step back and welcomed their son, Jonathan Tout, in 2012, to become the Managing Director. Since Jon’s arrival the estate has continually grown with the introduction of three SUBWAYS® and a growing number of pharmacies.

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Tout’s Budgens

In 2012, Auditel were introduced to Tout’s Budgens by their Action Coach. He suggested that outsourcing their cost management would allow them to focus more on their main business activities.

Managing Director, Jonathan Tout says: ‘Initially my in-house accountant was skeptical about the need for the service. But she had so much else to focus on that termination dates and renewals slipped through the gaps.”

Energy costs

Managing energy supplies can be a challenging process – terminating, tendering and securing contracts at the right time and Tout’s were struggling to manage them across their four stores.

“Auditel continue to manage our energy suppliers and costs, and we know they are there to call upon to answer any queries we have. Knowing that all our utilities are under control is a great benefit in terms of our management time and peace of mind” – Jonathan Tout, Managing Director

So they were glad to let Auditel manage the whole process for them, tendering to the whole of market to achieve the very best price.

Auditel Consultant, Mike Keig, says: ‘For Jonathan this means that he can leave absolutely everything to do with his energy supplies to us. If he has a question, whether it relates to a supply issue or is a consumption query, we obtain an answer for him.’

Jonathan was delighted and other cost areas soon followed. At the end of the first year he said: “Auditel have made significant savings across many cost areas for Touts Budgens, and we have seen significant reduction in our costs as a result of their efforts. With regards to our energy, they saved us over £10,000 in the first year!“


New Projects

Over the last 12 months Jonathan has engaged Auditel to review waste services at each store, leading to a 29% saving and telecoms, where a saving of 34% has been achieved. Auditel have also reviewed merchant card services recently, achieving savings of 31%. Auditel are currently looking at a project on water and waste water for the company.

Jonathan adds: ‘Auditel manage all the cost areas we have handed over to them from start to finish. All we have to do is to discuss and agree their recommendations.’

Unexpected results

He continues: ‘Each time we ask Auditel to look at a new cost area they undertake their thorough investigation of what we are currently buying as the first key step in the process. This in itself has uncovered all sorts of opportunities for savings ranging from replacing 08 phone numbers with an 01 number, to identifying that spending £10k on digging a bore hole for our water would have a return on investment of under 2 years!

Tout’s Budgens Download a PDF copy of the case study.