Our Clients: The Park Resort

The Park Resort

The Park is a hotel resort with twenty four bedrooms, eight meeting rooms and two award winning golf courses situated in the village of Wick close to the World Heritage City of Bath and the picturesque villages of the Cotswolds and South Gloucestershire.

The estate has a long history dating back to 1246, with the current Jacobean residence constructed in 1808. The hotel prides itself on their wedding facilities and their ability to hold luxurious events dedicated to pleasure with a style designed to create a feeling of relaxation and ease.

Case Study

The Park Resort Download a PDF copy of the case study.

The Park ResortLeft to right: Jonathan Moffitt, Auditel Consultant and Ian Roberts, The Park’s Financial Director

The Park Resort’s Financial Director, Ian Roberts, knew the advantages of using Auditel having worked for another hotel resort that had used their services. So when Auditel Consultant, Jonathan Moffitt, contacted him in October 2006 Ian already understood Auditel’s no-win, no-fee approach, the time that could be saved, the reduction in bills and the possibility of rebates. In fact, Ian’s mind was on the hotel’s major expansion plans and how any savings could help their cash flow. The hospitality side of business had already grown by 50%, and plans were in place to increase the number of bedrooms from 24 to 41 by the end of 2008.

“Auditel has exceeded my expectations, not only with impressive savings, which now exceed £22,000, but with the diligence and detail of Jonathan’s audit. I can now concentrate on our core business and expansion plans, safe in the knowledge that our business costs are fully managed, ensuring smooth renewals and correct billing.” – Ian Roberts – The Park’s Financial Director

With an electricity renewal in November 2006, Jonathan began by looking at their electricity usage. He conducted a thorough audit and tendered to suppliers that could fulfil their requirements. The process resulted in a 26% saving on original expenditure, meaning Ian has an extra £11,400 to add to his bottom line. When this contract came up for renewal in December 2007, Jonathan found a further saving of £3,900 for the following year. In preparation for the resort’s expansion, Jonathan also oversaw the installation of an electricity meter in the temporary golf club house. This was necessary to allow the club to continue to receive power during their expansion.

Confident that The Park now had suitable electricity contracts in place, Jonathan switched his attention to gas and water. He conducted a similar audit and tender process and found yearly savings of 26.8% or £1,730 against the incumbent. Furthermore, Jonathan’s assessment of The Park’s water usage showed they were paying a lot more than necessary. The standard allowance for waste water for most businesses is 5%, meaning the resort was being charged as though 95% of their water was returning to sewer. Jonathan found that a significant amount of the water was actually being sprayed out through the sprinklers across the 240 acres of grounds. Following careful calculations and lengthy discussions with the water supplier, Jonathan negotiated an increase to 29% on their non return to sewer allowance, saving £3,000 per year. Furthermore, Jonathan got the supplier to backdate this percentage to April 2006 so saving a further £2,445.

Impressed by Jonathan’s work on their electricity, gas and water Ian asked him to look after waste costs. Jonathan joined forces with one of Auditel’s third party experts to assess their waste requirements then managed their move to a new supplier. In doing this he found a yearly saving of £600 on previous expenditure bringing total savings to £22,575. What’s more, Ian has the reassurance that Jonathan will continue to review their expenditure ensuring they are never overcharged for their business costs.

Savings Achieved:

£15,300 (20%) Savings on Electricity
£1,730 (26.8%) Savings on Gas
£2,500 (14%) Savings on Water
£2,445 Water Rebate
£600 (15%) Savings on Waste

Total Saving: £22,575

The Park Resort Download a PDF copy of the case study.