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NSK LogoEstablished in 2007, the UK sales, distribution and service office of the Japanese manufacturer is the leader in the UK, with over a third of the market in high-quality dental turbines, handpieces and small dental equipment.

Products are sold to dentists and the NHS, through a network of dealers by eight field-based specialists, supported by six in the office and three in the service department.

Case Study:

NSK Download a PDF copy of the case study.

NSk rangeAuditel approached NSK Dental Equipment Manufacturers in 2012. Auditel Consultant, Rob Andrew, was confident that they could not only deliver cost savings, but also reduce the time staff spent with suppliers and offer advice and guidance on sustainability issues.

From their point of view, NSK were keen to find ways of reducing waste and taking the operational workload off their own staff, so that they could concentrate on their core roles and be more customer focused.

Saving Energy

Auditel were initially engaged to analyse expenditure on energy. Following a successful outcome and savings of 33% on electricity, other areas of expenditure soon followed. These included couriers, Vehicle Fleet Management, Direct Debit Facility,WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Compliance, Document Shredding and latterly, Insurance.

“We have been very pleased with the service and savings that Auditel has delivered to date, and are looking forward to making further savings and continuing to develop a good relationship with Auditel. It’s reassuring to know that these costs are being constantly monitored and reviewed, without having to divert resources away from our core business, or incur extra costs by increasing headcount.” – Managing Director, NSK UK Ltd

Saving time

‘We have a consultant who deals with all that’. As with most companies, there is a constant barrage of sales calls offering a wide range of products and services. But with Auditel on board the NSK staff no longer have to spend their time dealing with the calls, instead they are simply able to respond to callers by passing them on to Auditel.

Increasing efficiency

Auditel’s cost management services are not only about making savings. Impressive as it is to lower electricity costs by a third, the real value lies in the ongoing monitoring and review process that ensures that expenditure remains a good fit for the client’s needs and that opportunities in an ever-changing market are not being missed.

So when Auditel made savings on Couriers of 34%, it wasn’t simply a case of finding a cheaper headline cost. The savings were one of the outcomes of making the service more effective by: finding a faster packing method with supplied bags; delivering a better customer experience with online progress tracking at every stage from despatch to delivery, and sending emails and/or text alerts to the recipient advising their 1 hour delivery window.

Further expert reviews

The Vehicle Fleet was consolidated to a single provider. The fleet of nine vehicles was renewed and provisioned to schedule and Fleetcheck was implemented to enable online recording of driver and vehicle details, ensuring compliance with ‘duty of care’ legislation.

Auditel were invited to help NSK establish a Direct Debit Facility, reviewing the market and managing the ITT (Invitation To Tender) process. They reviewed the results of the tender, presenting them in a comprehensive report and recommended a short-list of two potential suppliers for client discussion and demonstration.

Next Auditel carried out a review of NSK’s WEEE* requirements and researched and introduced the local, approved provider of registration support. They managed the discussion leading to registration and ensured ongoing compliance.

Document shredding was also introduced and Auditel provided NSK with recommendations covering both requirements and provider.


Auditel’s work continues for NSK. Insurance costs are currently being reviewed as the contracts come up for renewal and monitoring and reviews of the other areas already mentioned, is ongoing.

The savings are welcome, but the real value to NSK is the increased efficiency, reduction of waste and allowing in-house staff to concentrate on their core roles.
*The WEEE Directive sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods, with a minimum rate of 4 kilograms per head of population per annum recovered for recycling by 2009.

Savings Breakdown:

Couriers   34%
Electricity 33%

Other cost areas reviewed include:

Vehicle Fleet Management
Direct Debit Facility
Document Shredding

NSK Download a PDF copy of the case study.