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Home Appliance Guard

Home Appliance GuardHome Appliance Guard provides comprehensive insurance cover for domestic electrical goods. The ever-increasing complexity of modern equipment makes it prudent to protect major items against breakdown or accidental damage. Operating from their base in Bournemouth, HAG offers policies on a range of items from white goods to televisions.

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Home Appliance GuardLeft to right: Gail Clark, Auditel Consultant, Andy Graham, Head of Finance, HAG Emma Bailey, Finance Manager, HAG

HAG has discovered that prospective clients are wary of faceless web portals and prefer to make arrangements with a real, live person. For this reason customer interactions are conducted by telephone, with subsequent documentation (reminders, renewals etc) in the form of a personalised printed letter. As HAG’s client base continued to grow this imposed a logistical burden on their in-house facilities.

Growing Pains

HAG solved this by outsourcing direct mail to an external supplier, but managing a rapidly growing business left no time to review mailing costs and determine if their current supplier still offered good value.

Auditel came to HAG’s attention through a timely telemarketing campaign.

“HAG is expanding rapidly and – although we knew that print and mailing costs were growing accordingly – it didn’t make sense to divert management resources away from our core business to look into this. We also did not know other suitable and trustworthy suppliers. Auditel did – and were able to deliver the project with minimal involvement from us. We are very pleased with the result and reassured to find Gail and Steven as committed and diligent as expected. We look forward to using them to reduce our costs in a number of other areas and can recommend them to any other SME who wants to become more profitable.” – Emma Bailey, HAG Finance Manager

Mailing costs review

Following subsequent meetings, Auditel was asked to conduct a cost review of this sector. Current workflows were defined and costed, and from this a ‘Request to Tender’ was sent to a small group of trusted suppliers. The results were collated, analysed and presented to HAG for consideration, noting that service items such as paper quality, delivery schedules and print clarity were deemed equally important to cost.

Positive outcomes

The results were impressive – a projected 34.7% saving on an annual spend of £143,500 (£49,795 annually).

Auditel Consultant, Steven Godfrey, was in charge of Project Management

Auditel Consultant, Steven Godfrey, was in charge of Project Management

Having received authority to press ahead, Auditel managed project milestones during the transition to a new supplier – issues such as due diligence (references, DR provisions, contractual terms etc) through to technical considerations (data downloads, page layouts etc). Now the project is fully operational HAG is very happy with their new supplier and actual savings (36.2%) have exceeded expectations. Auditel continues to manage the supply, working in the background to monitor invoices and remedy any small operational issues.

Home Appliance Guard has since asked Auditel to review a number of other costs areas: Electricity, Merchant Cards, Telecoms, IT Infrastructure


Home Appliance Guard Download a PDF copy of the case study.