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01 Jun 2017

Are All Your Office 365 Users Delighted?

Organisations are increasingly migrating to cloud-based applications. The growth in adoption of Office 365, for example, has been rapid with over 100 million active commercial customers world-wide since launch in 2011. However, its performance comes with a set of challenges. Read on →

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30 Jan 2017

What is VoIP and why should you care?

Posted by: Steven Godfrey The current situation Domestic users rent analogue telephone lines. Business users rent digital telephone lines, called ISDN lines. Small installations use a variety called ‘ISDN 2’ and larger installations use ‘ISDN 30’. ISDN phone lines are Read on →

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29 Jun 2016

What’s the EU ever done for us?

Whether an “inner” or an “outer”, you will probably have a different perspective on this question. What can’t be denied is that the EU has delivered benefits to the UK consumer regarding mobile phone roaming charges. Over the past few Read on →

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20 Jan 2016

Cut costs on mobiles by choosing the right contract

Have you embraced flexible working yet? Posted by: Gillian Gibbon If you’ve read any of the studies on working from home, then you’ll know that flexible working boosts productivity, reduces sick-leave and increases employee loyalty. Despite increasing smart phone costs Read on →

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13 Oct 2015

4G – a blessing or a curse?

Posted by: Mike Keig We have seen several clients change to 4G on EE recently. This improves data speed dramatically and offers amazing speed and efficiency. Because of this, if you are upgrading to 4G from a set amount of Read on →

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