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14 Dec 2017

A Best Practice guide to Passwords

Posted by Tony Edwards – Cost Area Lead for ICT. Our guide to password security and best practice. Tip 1 – No more Post-it notes: With the number of services, subscriptions and applications that require passwords continually increasing, it is Read on →

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04 Dec 2017

Is the Cloud right for you?

Posted by Tony Edwards – Cost Area Leader for ICT. Increasing functionality and a Cloud first strategy is a growing trend and being included in plans and budgets for 2018 in many organisations. However, organisations are concerned about removing their on-premise Read on →

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15 Nov 2017

GDPR – More Than Just Compliance

Posted by: Paul Strachan 25th May 2018 is the deadline for business to comply with a new set of regulations governing data gathering, storing and security. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pulls together the plethora of data privacy laws Read on →

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