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14 Dec 2017

A Best Practice guide to Passwords

Posted by Tony Edwards – Cost Area Lead for ICT. Our guide to password security and best practice. Tip 1 – No more Post-it notes: With the number of services, subscriptions and applications that require passwords continually increasing, it is Read on →

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04 Dec 2017

Is the Cloud right for you?

Posted by Tony Edwards – Cost Area Leader for ICT. Increasing functionality and a Cloud first strategy is a growing trend and being included in plans and budgets for 2018 in many organisations. However, organisations are concerned about removing their on-premise Read on →

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23 Nov 2017

ESOS Phase 2 Briefing

Posted by: Nigel Collins I was recently asked by a client, whether they should start on energy audits now to comply with the next round of ESOS, Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme. This sounds quite refreshing, bearing Read on →

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15 Nov 2017

GDPR – More Than Just Compliance

Posted by: Paul Strachan 25th May 2018 is the deadline for business to comply with a new set of regulations governing data gathering, storing and security. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pulls together the plethora of data privacy laws Read on →

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03 Nov 2017

How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract

Posted by: Paul Strachan How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract There are many outlays and overheads that a business pays, some of which are variable and expensive. Mobile phone contracts are notoriously difficult for a business to negotiate. Read on →

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04 Oct 2017

Improving building operations efficiency

Posted by: Paul Strachan Green is the new black as far as company desirability is concerned. Increasingly customers are looking for companies with sustainable production methods which means investors are looking at your company’s operations efficiency. Keep Cool Low power Read on →

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